Cloud I/O for Media Assets

10 key learnings from moving petabytes to AWS, Azure and Google

Most media companies are not moving all their assets to cloud storage but are looking to the cloud to provide elasticity when there is an unexpected surge in storage needs — for backup and disaster recovery, distribution and a variety of other workflows.

There are many tools available for moving files to cloud storage including those offered by the cloud providers themselves. But in an industry that deals with huge files, complex supply chains and growing security challenges, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right tool for the unique challenges of M&E.

So, where do you start? Right here.

Avoid common mistakes and learn about tools that were designed for the media and entertainment industry.

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Discovery, Inc.

Josh Derby, VP of Advanced Technology & Development

“Signiant was the first place we turned. For fast file transfer into the cloud, Signiant was the logical choice.”


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