Totally Transformed: How Leading Media Businesses Are Accelerating Their File Transfers And Transforming Their Operations

Moving files around keeps getting tougher for today’s media operations. Larger files, more formats, more platforms and partners, and always less time and greater pressure to work more efficiently, and at lower cost. To succeed, you first need to get your files where they need to go fast. But that’s just the beginning.

Download our eBook—Totally Transformed—to learn how four leading international media companies are using next-generation file acceleration to transform their businesses. You’ll learn:

  • How The Guardian is realizing the power of timely videos to engage its global audience
  • How Chimney Group is building greater trust with clients and accelerating new business
  • How Turner International is revolutionizing its global content production and distribution
  • How Harbor Picture Company is collaborating more effectively with top talent worldwide

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“Adapting to ever-evolving challenges will mean nothing short of transforming how your business operates. The good news is that successful transformation is entirely within your reach.”


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