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Flight’s Security: End-to-end encryption for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

Signiant Flight is the only SaaS solution on the market that was specially designed to accelerate the transfer of massive files and unstructured data sets to and from cloud storage.

The SaaS model of software development is unique in that is allows for consistent updates based on customer feedback in its Agile release cycle. Our development team is constantly updating Flight, but some of the most important improvements involve security and new cloud storage vendor integrations.

“As cloud adoption continues and file sizes keep growing, organizations are facing increasingly complex decisions about storage and data movement,” said Margaret Craig, Signiant CEO for Thomson Reuters News. “They require the flexibility to store files wherever makes the most sense for their business and budget, and the peace of mind that those files are secure.”

Believers in Storage Independence

Signiant offers its customers the freedom to choose the best storage location for their files, whether it’s on-site or in the cloud. As the amount of data continues to grow along with industries adopting cloud storage, having a large file acceleration tool for cloud upload and download is often essential.

Flight was first integrated with Amazon S3, and became available for Microsoft Azure in February of 2015 with Google Cloud coming soon. A single subscription allows customers to choose one or more cloud storage providers with the ability to seamlessly switch between them to take full advantage of each provider’s new features or deals. Signiant believes in “storage independence” and encourages flexible storage strategies.

Advanced Encryption and Obfuscation of Cloud Storage Credentials

Flight, like all of Signiant’s products, is designed with security in mind at every step and has gone through extensive 3rd party validation. Signiant understands that a single-layer of protection isn’t enough for today’s cyber threats. Flight is purposefully built with multi-layers of protection, including end-to-end encryption: AES256 Encryption in transit and encryption at rest.

Flight works by encrypting files throughout every step of the file transfer and cloud storage process in compatibility with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for added layers of protection. Flight also allows customers to keep all of their cloud storage access keys and credentials safely within their network and to access centralized key management.

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