cloud data storage

Cloud data storage is a service that allows data to be maintained, managed and backed up remotely – while remaining accessible to users via a web interface or network access.

There are two types of cloud data storage:

  • Public storage services, such as Amazon S3, provide multi-tenant storage environments suitable for unstructured data;
  • And private storage services designed to meet the needs of customers who require more data control or customization.

But, unless you’re colocated next to your cloud storage data center, moving large amounts of data is very difficult using standard methods. Signiant specializes in developing flexible, scalable large file transfer solutions, and has partnered with cloud data storage providers such as Amazon and Microsoft to bring Signiant Flight. Flight enables the upload and download of large files, offering a combination of public and private services, designed to meet the needs of our enterprise users in one convenient, easy-to-implement SaaS solution. And it integrates seamlessly with AWS (S3 and Glacier) and Microsoft Azure (with Google Cloud coming soon) so your business connects with your platform of choice.

Our years of focus and expertise have revealed the need for accessible, application-agnostic solutions for cloud data storage, capable of scalable customization. To learn more about how we’ve addressed these needs, click here to review Signiant Flight – or, read more general information about cloud data storage below.

  • A whole bunch of old fashioned locks and keys.

    Escape Storage Lock-In For Your Accelerated File Transfers

    Over the past year, a new trend has been booming in the entertainment world. And though it’s gained a foothold in Amsterdam, I doubt we’ll see it anywhere in the exhibit halls at IBC.
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    Why Signiant is Attracting Great Talent Like Cory Bialowas

    As a leader in developing SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions for media brands and other businesses that need to transfer big files, Signiant is attracting great talent. One of the newest members of “The Big Sig” team is Cory Bialowas, taking the helm as Signiant’s Senior Vice President of Product Management in Ottawa, Canada.
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    Utilizing the Cloud: Margaret Craig’s predictions for 2016

    This time of year, our CEO Margaret Craig is often asked to peer through time and space and offer some advice to businesses for the coming year. The importance of strategically utilizing cloud technology for moving data into and out the cloud was the theme of her 2016 predictions.
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    Signiant Flight at Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference

    With just two days until the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference begins, we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to network, talk with fellow Microsoft geeks and premier our latest product, Signiant Flight. Flight is one of the first (if not the first) SaaS offering certified for Azure Marketplace Developer Services.
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    With the annual Amazon re:Invent conference upon us, I’ve noticed how much this physical experience, or any major museum experience for that matter, is similar to a digital tiered storage strategy. Tiered storage strategies help you govern and provide access to digital content or data sets quickly for Big Data analytics or perhaps nearline data for trending analysis with S3 and deeper archives like Glacier.