Signiant Flight is Signiant’s SaaS solution for the upload and download of large files to and from cloud data storage. Flight connects with AWS (S3 and Glacier), so you can upload files to S3 quickly and download them again for seamless access. Flight also integrates with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, allowing you to choose the best priced option at any time.

Utilize the benefits of cloud data storage without the hassle of slow uploads and difficult access to your content. For more on Signiant Flight’s unique acceleration technology and SaaS benefits, check out our latest eBook:

High-Speed Bridge to Cloud Storage: Addressing throughput bottlenecks with Signiant Flight

Or choose from the blog posts blow on Flight and accelerated cloud object storage.

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    Leverage machine learning to make file transfer faster, by making it smarter

    In order to take full advantage of available bandwidth, Signiant’s machine learning algorithm examines transfer history and optimally configures application and transport-level transfer parameters for both file-based and live media transfers.
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    Manager+Agents 13.4 supports all AWS regions through Signiant Flight integration

    The latest release of Signiant Manager+Agents (13.4) has some important updates we’d like to highlight, including improvements to the Flight integration now supporting all AWS regions for cloud storage.
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    The Impact of Network Latency on Cloud Connectivity

    Most cloud data transfers utilize HTTP(S) and, like all standard Internet protocols, network latency slows down data transfer time. Learn about reducing latency for long-distance cloud connectivity.
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    Large File Transfer to Amazon S3 Media Analysis Solution

    Media Analysis Solution has a simple web-based UI that allows you to upload media files to Amazon S3, search through your library and analyze and extract metadata. However, if you work with higher res video, the 100MB file size limitation is inhibitive.
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    Signiant Extends its Presence in Asia with New Partner, Ideal Systems

    Today, Signiant announced it is extending its presence in Asia by partnering with Ideal Systems, one of the regions leading broadcast, audio visual and media systems integrators.
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    Moving large data volumes to cloud services? Dedicated connection vs. upload utilities

    Cloud services providers like as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure offer several options to for data I/O. Learn about the pros and cons of using a dedicated connection vs. upload utilities.
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    Streaming to the Cloud with Flight, One of Many New Flight Capabilities

    Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton recently wrote an article about the challenges of economically getting high-quality contribution video feeds from remote events back to a permanent facility for, in this case, live processing and delivery to a CDN for live streaming to consumers. This requires a tool – such as Signiant Flight, capable of overcoming the issues of latency and packet loss. Here’s an update on some of Flight’s new features and benefits and a look at some of its use cases.
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    Upgrades? Who doesn’t hate manual upgrades?

    Enterprise software upgrades – three words that strike fear into the heart of any sysadmin running complex applications, or applications that have not been upgraded in a while. I was recently involved in upgrading an issue tracking application that had not been kept up to date (its last upgrade was 2013), and it really helped reinforce for me one of the key benefits of SaaS: “managed upgrades”.
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    And Now For Something Completely Different…

    With our deep roots supporting the M&E sector, and its common need to move large files over distance, it is easy to forget that Signiant has long had customers from other industries. Often utilizing very different data types, workflows and tools – and typically involved in products and services utterly unlike those in the media space – many of these industries nevertheless share M&E’s need for fast, reliable, and secure solutions for the movement of their valuable data.
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    Signiant Flight Now Available with SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

    Signiant today announced the availability of Signiant Flight on AWS Marketplace, an online store that streamlines the purchase process for customers looking to easily find, buy and start using SaaS applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now upload large files quickly to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) using Signiant Flight — and take advantage of direct billing to their AWS account.
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    Signiant Flight Helps Discovery Communications Accelerate Producers’ Workflow

    Signiant Inc today announced that Discovery Communications is using Signiant’s Flight solution for accelerated delivery of program content to the cloud via Discovery’s global media asset submission platform, the Producer’s Portal.
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    The Positive Power of Media

    Signiant’s CEO Margaret Craig talks about her experience attending the annual awards ceremony of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in London.