Signiant Flight is Signiant’s SaaS solution for the upload and download of large files to and from cloud data storage. Flight connects with AWS (S3 and Glacier), so you can upload files to S3 quickly and download them again for seamless access. Flight also integrates with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, allowing you to choose the best priced option at any time.

Utilize the benefits of cloud data storage without the hassle of slow uploads and difficult access to your content. For more on Signiant Flight’s unique acceleration technology and SaaS benefits, check out our latest eBook:

High-Speed Bridge to Cloud Storage: Addressing throughput bottlenecks with Signiant Flight

Or choose from the blog posts blow on Flight and accelerated cloud object storage.

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    How Discovery Moves Assets (and Producers) into the Cloud

    Learn how the Discovery Communications technology team innovated its video processing by moving its systems to the cloud.
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    The Cloud: it’s not just Another Data Center

    One of the interesting things about cloud discussions throughout our industry is that people have a tendency to believe the cloud is just a virtualized data center in somebody else’s facility. If you take that perspective, then the benefits of the cloud and the gains that cloud technology can actually deliver to you are sure to be overlooked. It’s time to think differently.
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    The Power of the Sharing Economy: From Uber to multi-tenant SaaS

    From ride sharing to public cloud infrastructure to Signiant’s software as a service, sharing is a powerful paradigm that can be applied in many ways to deliver extraordinary value.
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    Re:Invent recap: Snowball vs. Flight for moving large amounts of content to Amazon S3

    Snowball definitely is a sound solution if you’re moving bulk data periodically, but beware of potential operational, performance and efficiency costs.
  • The Signiant Booth at IBC 2015.
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    IP at IBC: How Signiant solves the IP problem

    There’s been a lot of discussion around IP (internet protocol) technology at this year’s IBC conference. Here’s a little more detail on how Signiant solves the IP problem for large file video transfers.
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    Signiant Flight is Now Microsoft Azure Certified and Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Signiant announced that Signiant Flight has been validated for compatibility with Microsoft Azure as an Azure Certified solution and can now be purchased via the Azure Marketplace. As one of the first SaaS offerings in the Developer Services category, Flight gives Azure customers easy access to a scalable solution for fast uploads into Azure blob storage.
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    TV Technology on SaaS and the future of the media facility

    Kovalick points to the time it takes to transfer large files into the cloud as one of the biggest “shortfalls” to SaaS adoption in media. “For media apps, constrained access bandwidth poses the biggest problem (i.e. 4K editing). Usually the media is first uploaded to the server location, which could take days for some workloads,”
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    You Wouldn’t Take a Plane Around the Block: Three times to use Flight for S3 and Azure transfers

    While Flight always provides additional security and management features to cloud storage subscriptions, it does not always improve performance compared to cloud vendor’s options for data ingest and download. Here are three times when it really does:
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    The Biggest Barrier to Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

    The biggest barrier to big data analysis with Hadoop is often getting data to a place where it’s accessible for analysis in the first place. Last week, our CTO Ian Hamilton addressed the topic in some depth for Data Informed, an online publication covering big data and analytics for business and IT professionals.
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    The sexiest story in the cloud is connected cows, and other takeaways from Microsoft Build

    Microsoft’s annual conference for developers, Microsoft Build, has traditionally been very much for Microsoft developers. However, the last few years have seen the conference — and the corporation — taking a much more open approach. Two of the Signiant executive team were in San Francisco for last week’s version and brought back some fresh excitement for the direction Microsoft is taking under the leadership of Satya Nadella.
  • global unstructured data growth
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    Move Large Files Fast: Overcoming the challenge of transferring huge unstructured data sets

    The first era deemed an “information explosion” was in the mid 1900s and correlated to major University research libraries’ doubling in size every sixteen years. However, the information explosion of those days was a mere sparkle compared to now. By 2020, IDC predicts that the volume of world’s digital data will have reached 44 Zettabytes.
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    Flight’s end-to-end encryption protects assets in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

    As the only SaaS solution for accelerating large files and unstructured data sets into and out of cloud storage, Signiant Flight has been a unique product on the market since it was released about a year ago. However, the SaaS model of software development allows for more than just uniqueness, its Agile release cycles result in rapid innovation and the ability to respond to customer feedback. While our developers regularly make improvements to Flight, two recent features deserve particular attention: end-to-end storage encryption and the first rollout of Flight’s storage independence options.