Signiant Flight is Signiant’s SaaS solution for the upload and download of large files to and from cloud data storage. Flight connects with AWS (S3 and Glacier), so you can upload files to S3 quickly and download them again for seamless access. Flight also integrates with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, allowing you to choose the best priced option at any time.

Utilize the benefits of cloud data storage without the hassle of slow uploads and difficult access to your content. For more on Signiant Flight’s unique acceleration technology and SaaS benefits, check out our latest eBook:

High-Speed Bridge to Cloud Storage: Addressing throughput bottlenecks with Signiant Flight

Or choose from the blog posts blow on Flight and accelerated cloud object storage.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

With our deep roots supporting the M&E sector, and its common need to move large files over distance, it is easy to forget that Signiant has long had customers from other industries. Often utilizing very different data types, workflows and tools – and typically involved in products and services utterly unlike those in the media space – many of these industries nevertheless share M&E’s need for fast, reliable, and secure solutions for the movement of their valuable data.

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Signiant Flight Now Available with SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

Signiant today announced the availability of Signiant Flight on AWS Marketplace, an online store that streamlines the purchase process for customers looking to easily find, buy and start using SaaS applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now upload large files quickly to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) using Signiant Flight — and take advantage of direct billing to their AWS account.

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Signiant Flight Helps Discovery Communications Accelerate Producers’ Workflow

Signiant Inc today announced that Discovery Communications is using Signiant’s Flight solution for accelerated delivery of program content to the cloud via Discovery’s global media asset submission platform, the Producer’s Portal.

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The Positive Power of Media

Signiant’s CEO Margaret Craig talks about her experience attending the annual awards ceremony of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in London.

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How Discovery Moves Assets (and Producers) into the Cloud

Learn how the Discovery Communications technology team innovated its video processing by moving its systems to the cloud.

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 3: Delivering Better Service with SaaS

In the third part of our Signiant Executives Explain video series, you’ll see how SaaS-based software, cloud-native technology, and deep customer relationships combine to form the crystal ball Signiant uses to forecast technology improvements.

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Intercontinental Content at Scale

A majority of Turner International’s content is produced in the U.S. and edited before making its way to viewers around the world. To get it there, they needed a transportation system that fit the complexity of a global network, and they found one in Media Shuttle and Flight.

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The Cloud: it’s not just Another Data Center

One of the interesting things about cloud discussions throughout our industry is that people have a tendency to believe the cloud is just a virtualized data center in somebody else’s facility. If you take that perspective, then the benefits of the cloud and the gains that cloud technology can actually deliver to you are sure to be overlooked. It’s time to think differently.

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Signiant Sees Increase in Global Adoption of Industry-Leading SaaS Solutions for Third Straight Year

As the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions grows apace, Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, will present the company’s industry-leading SaaS solutions on Booth SL6605 at NAB 2016. The Signiant team will be on hand to demonstrate the latest enhancements to both Media Shuttle, the de facto standard for hands-on file movement, and Flight, the industry’s first and only SaaS utility for automated transfer to and from cloud object storage.

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The Power of the Sharing Economy: From Uber to multi-tenant SaaS

From ride sharing to public cloud infrastructure to Signiant’s software as a service, sharing is a powerful paradigm that can be applied in many ways to deliver extraordinary value.

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Product Testing vs. Reality: How SaaS prevents misconceptions of real-world performance

With accelerated file transfer, there are a huge number of independent factors that impact throughput. SaaS solutions provide a unique opportunity to test out software in your real world scenario with limited risk to the purchaser.

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Re:Invent recap: Snowball vs. Flight for moving large amounts of content to Amazon S3

Snowball definitely is a sound solution if you’re moving bulk data periodically, but beware of potential operational, performance and efficiency costs.

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