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Signiant Flight is Now Microsoft Azure Certified and Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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LEXINGTON, MA  September 11, 2015 – Signiant, a market leader in intelligent file movement software, today announced that Signiant Flight has been validated for compatibility with Microsoft Azure as an Azure Certified solution and can now be purchased via the Azure Marketplace. As one of the first SaaS offerings in the Developer Services category, Flight gives Azure customers easy access to a scalable solution for fast uploads into Azure blob storage.

Signiant Flight enables automatic movement of large data sets into and out of object storage in a security-enhanced and reliable manner, at speeds up to 200 times faster than a standard transfer. As the only multi-tenant, auto-scaling acceleration solution on the market, Flight is extremely easy to deploy and manage – and it is highly elastic to accommodate wide variations in data volume and large numbers of endpoints.

“Signiant is thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with Microsoft to bring Flight to the next-generation Azure Marketplace,” said Rick Clarkson, VP Product Management. “Our unique SaaS acceleration offering is being broadly adopted across a wide range of data-intensive cloud applications, and we are seeing increasing demand for Azure. This new, low-friction way to discover and try Flight is consistent with the core value proposition of the product, and customers are responding enthusiastically. ”

“We are pleased to include Signiant in our Azure Certified SaaS program within our enhanced Azure Marketplace,” said Dan Sandlin, Senior Partner Director, Microsoft Business Evangelism. “The addition of the Developer Services category, and the inclusion of more flexible pricing options, will further enable our customers to integrate Azure into their applications and meet their business goals.”

Customers can purchase Flight through the Azure Marketplace using an existing Microsoft enterprise agreement, and recent refinements to Microsoft’s online store further enhance the procurement experience for businesses. Companies like Signiant can now offer true SaaS solutions rather than being limited to bring-your-own-license models or machine images of on-premises software, along with the associated constraint of pricing in units of time. The power of SaaS is now readily accessible, and customers can consume Signiant services on the basis of the amount of data transferred to better align with real-life cloud upload scenarios. The Azure Marketplace is the only channel through which Flight is available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum commitment.

To learn more about Signiant Flight, please visit:

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