Flight’s end-to-end encryption protects assets in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

A whole bunch of locks, some with names and words written on them.

As the only SaaS solution for accelerating large files and unstructured data sets into and out of cloud storage, Signiant Flight has been a unique product on the market since it was released about a year ago. However, the SaaS model of software development allows for more than just uniqueness, its Agile release cycles result in rapid innovation and the ability to respond to customer feedback. While our developers regularly make improvements to Flight, two recent features deserve particular attention: end-to-end storage encryption and the first rollout of Flight’s storage independence options.

“As cloud adoption continues and file sizes keep growing, organizations are facing increasingly complex decisions about storage and data movement,” said Signiant CEO Margaret Craig in a recent press release. “They require the flexibility to store files wherever makes the most sense for their business and budget, and the peace of mind that those files are secure.”

End-to-end Encryption

Like all of our products, Flight is rooted in secure design principles and has received extensive 3rd party validation. However, the most up-to-date software security practices build in layers of defense rather than relying on a single impenetrable barrier, something the security community has learned (the hard way) isn’t enough to stop determined cyber villains. With that in mind, we’ve added yet another layer of protection to Flight (well, two actually) with two layers of encryption applied throughout the transfer and storage process. Files are encrypted at rest, during transfer, and retain a further layer of encryption while held in cloud storage, giving assets additional protection in S3 and Azure. Customers control their encryption keys, so even if your computer or a cloud storage provider is hacked, files cannot be accessed.

Storage Independence with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure

At Signiant, we feel it’s important to support our customer’s ability to strategize around storage location. After all, our customer’s know best where their different assets should be stored, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. And, as data amounts grow and cloud storage becomes a necessity, the freedom to choose between different cloud storage vendors will also become a key consideration.

Flight was initially released to integrate with Amazon S3, but is now available for Microsoft Azure (with Google Cloud coming soon). With a single subscription, customers can choose one or more cloud storage providers, and easily switch between them to take advantage of new features or lower costs. It’s all a part of our ongoing efforts to support “storage independence” and encourage smart storage strategies. And, for both S3 and Azure, end-to-end encryption is included.

To learn more about Flight, read about it here or try a free 7-day trial.

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