SaaS (or, software-as-a-service) is a software delivery model, in which the software and its associated data are hosted remotely – in the cloud. SaaS solutions enable user access through a web browser client – promoting collaboration between remote locations, and allowing more immediate customization.

The flexibility and accessibility of SaaS solutions also enables Agile software development, and can help reduce the cost of IT maintenance and support.

At Signiant, we’ve embraced cloud-formed software design, developing the first SaaS large file transfer solutions, Media Shuttle and Flight, for the secure, accelerated movement of large digital assets. Our SaaS solutions offer the flexibility you need – allowing users to choose between on-premise or cloud data storage, within one reliable, scalable, affordable solution.

Read more about SaaS below and explore Signiant's premiere SaaS solutions.

Media and Tech Take the Stage at SXSW

The festival promises another exciting year of panels and presentations by industry leaders, and live music by bands from all over the world.

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Be Empowered by Predictability

We recently spoke to a number of customers about their experience making the transition to Media Shuttle. One response echoed by each of the customers was how Media Shuttle’s predictability made the biggest difference to their business.

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Is the world is catching on to “cloud washing?”

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal published an in-depth article on cloud washing. “Trying to stand out in a hot market…some providers use ‘cloud’ in their marketing materials, sales pitches and earnings reports…”

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The Power of the Sharing Economy: From Uber to multi-tenant SaaS

From ride sharing to public cloud infrastructure to Signiant’s software as a service, sharing is a powerful paradigm that can be applied in many ways to deliver extraordinary value.

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The year’s best SaaS: Signiant made the Cloud Awards short list

Last week, the International Cloud Computing Program Announced a shortlist for the 2015-2016 Cloud Awards, and we are excited be on it in the Best SaaS category.

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Product Testing vs. Reality: How SaaS prevents misconceptions of real-world performance

With accelerated file transfer, there are a huge number of independent factors that impact throughput. SaaS solutions provide a unique opportunity to test out software in your real world scenario with limited risk to the purchaser.

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Transitioning to SaaS and Agile: Mike Nash looks back on Signiant’s move to cloud-based software development

Developing true SaaS requires a lot more investment in new functions within the organization, such as a devops (development operations) team that is responsible for monitoring ongoing health and change control, deployment rollbacks and more. It’s just a totally different way of looking at software.

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5 Lessons on Large File Video Transfers

Many industries need to regularly send and share large video files, from film and television production to business marketing, training and safety videos. If you’re involved in video production for your company, here are a few things you should know.

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Meet Dennis Hennessey! Signiant’s new Director of Customer Success and Chili Aficionado

We recently hired Dennis Hennessey as our new Director of Customer Success, and wanted to show him off a bit. While we’ve always had several avenues for getting feedback from our customers, Dennis brings a unique passion and approach that has won him something of a following in the CSM (customer success managers) community.

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Channel 9 LaunchPad Video: The benefits of Flight for Azure Blob large file ingest

Fresh of a great Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC), Signiant Flight became one of the first Developer Services offerings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. At WPC, we had a chance to explain the benefits of Flight in this new Channel 9 LaunchPad Video.

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Moving Fast with Media Shuttle Infographic: Looking Back on 3 Years

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since we released Media Shuttle. It was – and is – a significant product innovation for Signiant as a whole new way for people to take advantage of our file acceleration technology. Not only is it our first SaaS solution, it was also the first SaaS solution on the market for quickly moving large content files. Check out this infographic summing up three years of Media Shuttle.

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NAB Highlights: Margaret Craig’s insight into procuring SaaS

As we enter the last day of NAB tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s interesting to look back on the very first session of the show. This year’s IABM State of the Industry Breakfast, held at 8am on Monday morning, set the stage for the rest of the week with industry trends and predictions, many very positive, like that 60.8% of companies were in profit over the past 24 months. However, not all was congratulatory roses.

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