The fastest way to move large files into and out of cloud object storage

FAST upload to and download from cloud storage

With Signiant Flight, you can now consider cloud storage for all kinds of time-sensitive use cases. Our patented acceleration technology uploads large files up to 200x faster than a standard transfer, providing immediate access to mission-critical data. With latency out of the picture, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud storage in a much broader range of applications.

EASY to deploy and use

Signiant Flight lets you start moving data to the cloud within minutes. Download a client app, connect to your cloud storage tenancy and start uploading – it’s that simple! Signiant Flight is a unique SaaS solution that removes the operational burden of deploying and maintaining software in the cloud. We handle that for you, and it’s all included in your subscription price.


The Signiant Flight solution provides automatic scaling and load balancing as your cloud payloads ebb and flow. Acceleration technology requires software and compute resources adjacent to the cloud storage, and we handle those things for you. Even for a huge bulk upload project and even from a new location anywhere in the world, there’s no need for your tech team to spin up new servers – Flight scales up automatically to meet the demand. Once again, it’s all included in the subscription price.


To get started with Signiant Flight, first determine how you want to use it. Flight is available for use with the Command Line Interface (CLI) or if you’re an existing Signiant Manager+Agents customer, you can use the Signiant Flight M+A Component to integrate into your Manager+Agents workflow.

MULTIPLE cloud platforms

Flight was built to be flexible, and that includes your choice of public cloud provider. Signiant offers the complete SaaS solution for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, with Google Cloud support coming soon. You’re free to commit to a single platform, mix and match for different applications, or make a change at any time. Your subscription covers them all.

End-to-end SECURITY

Like all of Signiant’s software, Flight was built with secure design principles in mind from the beginning. Flight’s multiple layers of security and end-to-end encryption ensure that, even if one layer is breached, file content remains unreadable. Files are encrypted at rest, during transfer and retain a further layer of encryption while held in cloud storage, giving assets additional protection not provided by cloud storage vendors. With extensive 3rd party validation, Signiant Flight has the most secure file transfer protection available on the market.


Getting started with Flight is as easy as installing the client, entering your cloud storage account information, and transferring files. Build Flight into your workflows with our command line client, or with the Manager+Agents component. Your Flight subscription comes with 24/7 technical support, but we don’t think you’ll need it – the solution is designed for self-serve deployment and you will be up and running right away.

ACCELERATED input to and output from object storage

Signiant Flight is a high-speed bridge that moves files into or out of the cloud in two pipeline stages. First of all, Signiant’s WAN acceleration technology enables fast file movement from the storage on your network to the cloud platform. Once it’s in the cloud, servers managed by Signiant write the data into object storage through a parallel multipart process over a low-latency local connection.


Flight delivers this technology in a unique way that takes full advantage of the cloud – it is the only accelerated onramp solution that eliminates the overhead of managing compute/VM resources in the cloud. Because Signiant manages the acceleration servers, there’s no need to procure and deploy servers, install software, or configure and maintain the system in the cloud. The Signiant Flight SaaS solution does this all for you, complete with auto-scaling, redundancy, and load balancing.

Flight for Azure

Signiant Flight allows you upload and download of large files to multiple cloud storage solutions including Microsoft Azure BLOB storage. There are few options for moving large files and data sets into Azure storage.  Not only is Flight fast and reliable, it also allows you to provide secure access to your BLOB containers without sharing account credentials. Making Flight the easiest path to getting your data into Azure and taking advantage of all the benefits of cloud storage.

Flight for Amazon S3

Flight also supports upload and download of large files to Amazon S3 (or Glacier) storage. Although there are ways provided by Amazon to move your data into S3, those methods require you to be located next to one of their data centers.  Otherwise latency will dramatically affect the transfer speed especially when you’re trying to move large files and data sets.

SAAS delivered

Like Media Shuttle, Flight is delivered via Signiant’s patent-pending hybrid SaaS platform. With this next-generation architecture, file transfer logistics, user interface delivery, and client updates are all managed by Signiant and delivered as a SaaS solution. This means that you will always have the latest software, you’ll see a regular flow of innovative new features, and we will take the burden of ongoing software management off your shoulders. The powerful combination of this SaaS delivery and control layer, along with the managed server SaaS component, make Signiant Flight by far the most high performance, low maintenance way to get large files into the cloud, fast.

Signiant’s powerful TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

Media & Entertainment companies have been trailblazers in the electronic transfer of very large, high-value digital assets, and most of them rely on Signiant technology to securely move their files. Flight is built on the same powerful technology platform that companies like Disney, ESPN, and Fox use to move petabytes of data throughout their content supply chains. This foundation includes acceleration, reliability, security, central control and automation.

Large-scale INGEST

Whether companies are developing new cloud applications or moving their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, data migration can be a challenge. These cloud initiatives generally involve the upfront transfer of a large amount of data – you can’t get started on the project until a critical mass of legacy data has been moved into the cloud. The time it takes for standard electronic transfer is prohibitively long, so most people resort to shipping hard drives to their cloud provider. With Signiant Flight, it’s now possible to undertake a large-scale electronic upload project, with the added value of much higher reliability and security.

TIME-SENSITIVE content workflows

Time is of the essence in many media workflows.  Content must be prepped for air, delivered to global distribution partners, and/or made available in a central repository – all within hours or even minutes. For these mission-critical workflows, latency has been a very real barrier to cloud adoption. If completion of the heavy asset itself is a just-in-time event, there simply has been no way to get it into or out of the cloud fast enough. With Flight, it’s now practical to explore time-sensitive end-to-end workflows that start with fast upload of content into the cloud, take full advantage of media processing services such as high-speed transcoding, and make the end product immediately available around the world.

NEAR-REAL-TIME analytics

In a related use case, some MapReduce systems for big data analytics applications aim to make results available for immediate action. Certain retail and life sciences analytics fall into this category, and the first step is to get the raw data, often coming from many sources around the world, up into the cloud as fast as possible. Now that Signiant Flight makes this possible, you can access the data, perform the analysis and deliver the results in time to make a real difference.

On-premises storage OPTIMIZATION

An additional benefit of Signiant Flight is that requirements for expensive intermediate storage in an enterprise datacenter can be minimized. A classic scenario involves data arriving from various individual sources into a central on-premises transient storage pool, where it waits for automatic transfer to the cloud. But if the data has to wait for upload to the cloud, this repository will fill up and on-premises storage requirements will grow. Flight solves the problem by getting the content out of the holding pool and into the cloud, fast. In many cases, Flight has an immediate ROI simply because it’s possible to clear the intermediate storage much faster.


With Signiant Flight, charges are based on the amount of data transferred, and decrease as more data is transferred. Customers can commit to an upfront yearly data transfer amount in advance to lock in a lower rate.

Annual subscription – The FLEXIBILITY you need

As your business and projects change over the course of a year, you may need to use more cloud storage in some months due to seasonality or project based work. Unlike some monthly based subscriptions where you need to use your data in a single month without any carryover, with Signiant Flight you can handle the peaks and valleys of the business over an entire year. Your Flight subscription gives you access to all the software, updates, scalability and support you need while giving you the ability to use your payload anytime during your 12 month subscription. 

UNLIMITED upload and download SPEEDS

Signiant Flight acceleration technology maximizes your network efficiency and can go as fast as your WAN connection. Whether you have a 10 Mb/s or 10 Gb/s WAN connection, the price is the same. There are no hidden charges or artificial bandwidth caps, and when more cloud compute capacity is needed, it’s automatically provisioned as part of the solution. With a single Flight subscription, there is no speed limit.

CLIENTS AND TOOLS INCLUDED at no additional charge

With Signiant Flight you have access to a variety of clients including: a command line interface (CLI) for Mac, Windows and Linux; a JavaScript SDK; or a Manager+Agents component for existing Manager+Agents customers. As part of your subscription, you can deploy and build as many types of clients in as many locations as you need – at no additional charge.


Signiant Flight also makes it easy to use multiple cloud platforms. You can choose to move data into Amazon S3 cloud storage or Microsoft Azure (Google Cloud Storage is coming soon). With a single Flight subscription, you will have the freedom to connect to one or all of the cloud storage platforms. There’s no need to provision any additional infrastructure or resources or change your subscription, it’s all included in the Flight managed service.


Signiant Flight includes 24/7 availability, monitoring, support and software updates. You never have to worry about maintaining anything in the cloud, it’s all built into the SaaS solution. More importantly, there are no hidden cloud ingest or egress networking charges – it’s all part of the subscription price. And should you need help, our customer care team is available for you.