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Many businesses today need to send large files online. FTP has been the dominant solution for sharing large files for many years, but FTP has its limitations. Security is one major concern with FTP, but speed and reliability can also be issues with sending large files through the web, especially when you’re talking multi gigabyte files such as media assets.

Signiant’s extreme file sharing solutions are secure, reliable and up to 200 times faster than FTP or other transfer methods. Our patented Media Shuttle software uses UDP acceleration, which dramatically increases the speed of file transfers by maximizing the network pipe and minimizing latency.

Media Shuttle also offers absolute security during the file transfer process as all security protocols move with the file from the point of origin to the final destination. All user email addresses are fully authenticated, the security is based on Public Key Infrastructure, and is managed with built-in certificate authority. Furthermore, all data is encrypted with up to 256-bit AES encryption.

Best of all, Media Shuttle can be installed in parallel to an existing FTP system, so users can enjoy the simple user interface and speed of the Media Shuttle platform to send large files online without having to worry about migrating content. Try Media Shuttle today to send large files fast.

Signiant worked with Epix to help them develop a system to streamline media workflows and automate back-end processes. The kind of multi-platform approach Epix envisioned requires free-flow of large files between in-house studios, cable and online distribution channels as well as multi-screen end users, and Signiant worked with their team to make this vision a reality. Check out the Epix case study below to learn how Signiant and its partners made it possible for Epix to manage several procurement lifecycles using a single automated platform, and other extreme file sharing adventures.

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    Now you’re speaking my language: localization, dubbing, and file movement

    Agility and adaptability in localization swiftly become an even bigger part of a supply chain when that supply chain encompasses international partnerships and multiple versions of a given piece of media that will need to be crafted, tailored, and distributed.
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    Why M&E Businesses are Moving Away From Online File Sharing Tools for Their Valuable Media Assets

    Many of our customers employ both Media Shuttle along with online file sharing tools, using the latter for small in-house files. Still, at the end of the day, the bulk of content that drives the M&E industry is simply not suited for online file sharing tools, and using them can jeopardize security, productivity, and overall success.
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    It’s Three in the Morning. Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

    The importance and power of robust visibility and control functionalities cannot be overstated, especially in media where files move constantly and security is top-of-mind. The solutions a business relies on to move their content will often dictate their agility, and their ability to complete complex projects.
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    Take Content Security Seriously or Risk Finding Yourself in a File Transfer Horror Story

    For media, content is your lifeblood, and—when it comes to file transfer—you need solutions that ensure its security, integrity, and accessibility at all times. Whether it’s failed transfers, jumbled workflows, or data breaches, you don’t need the struggles of inadequate file transfers keeping you up at night.
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    For M&E organizations, file size limits are a deal breaker

    Make no mistake, we love Dropbox for many business use cases, but we’ve long seen the challenges when these tools are attempted to use for large media files — most clearly, file size limits.
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    Media Shuttle Update: A simpler way to keep everyone in the loop

    We’ve added CC/BCC fields to Media Shuttle send portals. You can now notify interested parties of a transfer and control which emails are visible on the email recipient list.
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    Signiant Announces Significant New Capabilities for Media Shuttle™; Delivers Industry’s First Extreme File Sharing Solution

    With super-simple interfaces delivered from the cloud, enterprise-class security, storage control and acceleration, Media Shuttle defines a new class of file sharing solution tuned for extreme files – high-value digital assets that may be tens or hundreds of gigabytes in size. With the addition of these new file sharing capabilities, Media Shuttle portals can now be quickly configured in one of three modes – Send, Share or Submit – to flexibly support the accelerated file movement needs of any project, team or media enterprise in a single, multi-purpose solution.
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    Signiant and On Demand Group Team to Provide Seamless Management and Distribution of Digital Media For On-Demand Television

    “As the means of moving data through every aspect of our operational processes, Signiant is a critical part of our workflow. Unlike other software providers that offer just WAN acceleration, Signiant provides the full central management capability that we need from file delivery software.”
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    Signiant Appoints Wellen+Nöthen as German Reseller

    “File transfer is more than just high speed digital transfer from A to B; automated digital workflows are key to using the full power offered by new technology. Signiant’s software is the first and only complete integrated digital supply chain solution with open interfaces and in-house and wide area transfer workflow options. We are delighted to be working with Signiant in Germany.”