For M&E organizations, file size limits are a deal breaker

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When it comes to file sharing, tools like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive are consumer favorites. Cloud collaboration and file sharing solutions have been essential for everyone from college students to large enterprises, and such platforms’ ease of use make for a simple and smooth user experience. For many industries, these tools work well for sharing and accessing content in the cloud.

But EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) systems like Dropbox for Business and Box just don’t work for large media files.

Make no mistake, we love Dropbox for many business use cases, but we’ve long seen the challenges when these tools are attempted to use for large media files — most clearly, file size limits.

Depending on the plan a company decides to invest in, users will find that these platforms put caps on how much content they can move on a given day. For basic accounts (or when using the Dropbox site) uploads are capped at 20 GB daily. For business accounts that number goes up to 200 GB.

Now these limits might not sound all that limiting, and for many enterprises and individuals they aren’t. But the amount of content and the individual file sizes that M&E organizations regularly trade in dwarf those from most other industries. The 4K video files that film studios and television broadcasters rely on alone put these limits to the test, and—here’s the thing—those file sizes are only going to grow.

It’s essential for you to understand the importance of using the right tool for the right scenario, rather than trying in vain to fill a round hole with a square peg. Standard online file sharing tools simply won’t do for many use cases in the media industry, and file size isn’t the only problem. Check out our eGuide to compare and contrast different large file transfer solutions and find out why Signiant is the M&E industry leader.

Your media assets are your lifeblood. You deserve a solution that understands that.

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