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    Envy Post Production Selects Signiant Media Shuttle for Rapid Delivery of High Res Long and Short Form Programming

    Leading post production house Envy Post Production has become yet another major UK broadcast content company to adopt Media Shuttle™ hybrid SaaS file transfer solution to move large files securely among its business partners and global customer base. Responding to its client needs, Envy Post has standardized on Media Shuttle because of its ease-of-use, the ability to be seamlessly branded and because it is today’s smartest way to move and share large files.
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    Going to NAB?

    Boxer Systems will also be a critical part of our EMEA success story in 2012 as we launch new products, but you won’t read about them here today. Just like the rest of the M&E world, we will be announcing these exciting new solutions at NAB.
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    Signiant and Dalet Digital Media Systems Announce Technology Partnership

    “The Dalet/Signiant technology partnership is a definite win-win for our customers, making multi-site collaboration and access to content seamless, whether it is through a centralized content catalog or multiple independent databases that are communicating together.”
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    2G Digital Stays on Cutting Edge of Media Fulfillment and Post-Production with Signiant

    “Signiant is critical to the automation and workflows we’ve put into place not only to remain relevant in our industry, but also to stay steps ahead of our competition. In fact, Signiant has been integral to our relationships with electronic sell-thru providers, and the ability to attract new global clients.”
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    Marketwire | Avail-TVN Changes the Game for Digital Media Metadata Management

    “Avail-TVN listened to us about the issues we have around metadata preparation and responded with an easy-to-use product that meets our growing needs,” said John Sorensen, VP of Production, Grace Creek Media, Sportskool’s parent company. “The Content Prep solution makes it much easier to manage metadata and focus on getting the right content out to our viewers.”
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    AETN UK Steps into the Future With Signiant File-Based Workflow

    “We are keen to embrace new technologies that enable us to streamline our operations. While the Signiant solution is exactly what we need now, it is also adaptable and scaleable so that it can grow and develop alongside our business, and it also allows us to make VOD business models viable.”
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    EPIX Partners With Signiant to Bring HD Content Workflow Innovation to Marketplace

    “Our mission is to bring our blockbuster movies, concerts, comedy specials and original programming to not just TVs, but to every consumer screen. We are rapidly onboarding new customers and don’t have the luxury of massive legacy infrastructures we can lean on. That demands creating operational efficiencies on a scale never before seen in the entertainment community.”
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    PBS Selects Signiant Software to Manage and Distribute Its Award-Winning Programming

    “With Signiant, we have a solution that saves us time and provides peace of mind that all of the digital and video files we are distributing – for editing, broadcast or archiving – have reached the desired location safely and fully intact. Additionally, Signiant’s support staff has exceeded our expectations.”
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    In-Three Selects Signiant to Improve Workflow and Digital Asset Management of 3D Film Creation

    To meet the company’s high throughput requirements, streamline the file transfer process, and increase editing productivity, In-Three chose Signiant. The solution’s central management functionality enables In-Three’s production staff to speed delivery of content while monitoring the multi-step process of creating 3D content from 2D original material.
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    Mediaset Selects Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Software

    “Our aim was to have a completely automated workflow, to unify processes and have a single point of configuration and management. The Signiant installation has streamlined our operations and enabled us to manage our resources much more efficiently.”
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    Deluxe Chooses Signiant to Help Bring Hollywood Motion Pictures from Script to Screen

    Deluxe Digital Studios has selected Signiant file movement software to automate, accelerate and secure the distribution of post-production materials for motion pictures from major Hollywood studios and broadcast companies.
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    Signiant Selects Mediateket as Scandinavian Partner

    We are delighted to be working with Signiant. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best solutions to meet their broadcasting requirements, and Signiant’s digital media distribution management suite is clearly becoming the tool of choice for international broadcasters to power their digital supply chains.”