Web, Mobile & OTT

Are you challenged to aggregate content from more content providers? Do you need to receive more content, faster? Are you looking for your suppliers to deliver content electronically?

Or, are you a content provider struggling with the growing number of online distribution outlets, content formats, and delivery requirements? Does your business require agility to respond to this rapidly changing environment?

Increases in content volume and size, changing requirements, and the need for speed and reliability when moving content within and between businesses are all critical factors that need to be addressed in order to successfully monetize content. Signiant’s intelligent file movement solutions can help you address these critical requirements and manage this ever-changing world.

Content Aggregation and Distribution for Web, IPTV and VOD

Signiant automates content aggregation and distribution for online video portals, IPTV and Video on Demand, ensuring that content arrives intact, while managing the movement of that content to distributed staging and download centers around the world – getting the right format to the right place on time.

“Our mission is to bring our blockbuster movies, concerts, comedy specials and original programming to not just TVs, but to every consumer screen. We are rapidly onboarding new customers and don’t have the luxury of massive legacy infrastructures we can lean on. That demands creating operational efficiencies on a scale never before seen in the entertainment community. To achieve this, we’ve been working with some of the industry’s most innovative companies to create a technology ecosystem that is redefining the way all content providers can work in the future, regardless of their size or market positioning. Signiant is helping Epix push forward the next generation of movie and entertainment content delivery by simplifying workflows and allowing us to deliver content to our viewers more efficiently than ever before, no matter which screen they choose to watch us on.”  – Epix

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