Speeding is Believing

After all you’ve read about our solutions, maybe the one thing you’re still wondering about is just how fast are Signiant file transfers, really?

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 3: Delivering Better Service with SaaS

In the third part of our Signiant Executives Explain video series, you’ll see how SaaS-based software, cloud-native technology, and deep customer relationships combine to form the crystal ball Signiant uses to forecast technology improvements.

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 2: The Signiant Product Portfolio

Get all the answers and learn the ins and outs of Signiant’s complete accelerated file transfer portfolio in part two of our Signiant Executives Explain video series.

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Larger files sizes, the move to the cloud and Signiant product updates were the news at IBC 2016

Take a look at this IBC Daily video by TVBEurope, featuring Greg Hoskin, managing director of Signiant’s sales in EMEA and Asia-Pacific, with new ways to store assets and our other product line news.

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Intercontinental Content at Scale

A majority of Turner International’s content is produced in the U.S. and edited before making its way to viewers around the world. To get it there, they needed a transportation system that fit the complexity of a global network, and they found one in Media Shuttle and Flight.

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Escape Storage Lock-In For Your Accelerated File Transfers

Over the past year, a new trend has been booming in the entertainment world. And though it’s gained a foothold in Amsterdam, I doubt we’ll see it anywhere in the exhibit halls at IBC.

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Get Your Fix of Fast Transfers

In the accelerated file transfer world, it’s likely we’ve witnessed this phenomenon more than most technologies. Because for file transfer, the “old way” goes back 45 years to the creation of FTP.

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Michael Ball from Accord Productions talks about the Power of Portals. See the video interview.

One of our Media Shuttle power users, Michael Ball of Accord Productions, appeared in an interview with RedShark News. In the video, he makes the case that technologies like Media Shuttle allow smaller production companies to act and work much larger than they are.

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 1: An Overview of Signiant

We constantly talk with M&E industry professionals to uncover their challenges with extreme file transfers. Now in our “Signiant Executives Explain” video series, you can peek behind the curtain on what goes into our technology platform.

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Hope is not a Strategy

In many ways and many situations hope can be a very powerful motivator. While the power of hope is undeniable, there are times when it takes more than just hoping for the best.

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