FTP replacement may be essential to securing content supply chains

Efforts by major media enterprises and content security associations are seeking to replace FTP across the industry’s inherently interconnected global supply chain.

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How COPA90 scaled coverage of the World Cup in Russia

COPA90 has a huge following, but they do not have the huge on-premises infrastructure common for covering large sports events. Here’s how COPA90 pulled off their World Cup coverage.

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Top three hot topics of NAB 2019

Common across the industry: hybrid cloud/multi-cloud architectures, transitioning from custom hardware/software to multi-tenant SaaS, and managing increasingly complex global supply chains.

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Margaret Craig reflects on Signiant’s “journey into the cloud”

A few weeks ago, a journalist from IBC365 reached out to us about our experience transitioning from developing on-premises to cloud-native software for the media industry. Here’s the full Q&A with Margaret.

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The underlying value of storage independent, multi-tenant SaaS

What is multi-tenant SaaS? What is storage independence? Why have they been game changing for the Media industry?

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Why higher bandwidth doesn’t equal faster throughput (or goodput)

Upgrading your network without acceleration is like going from a country road to a major highway, while driving a moped; you could go super fast if your transport mechanism allowed it.

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Double Thanks! Signiant’s brand new solution, Jet, won two awards at NAB 2019

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who see Jet’s great potential. The brand new SaaS solution won two “best product” awards at NAB 2019.

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Sure signs your media business is outgrowing FTP

Most users of Signiant’s SaaS solutions were once reliant on FTP to transfer large media files. Here’s what they have to say about the transition.

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Welcome to the Signiant L.A. team, Leslie

We are super excited to welcome Leslie Hathaway to our Signiant LA team as Director of Customer Solutions.

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Even with zero-day exploits on the rise, software updates remain critical

Two related zero-day vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows were recently discovered out in the wild, and may be part of a broader trend in cyber crimes. Here’s why software updates are still the best defense.

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