The PGA Championship scores a hole-in-one through CBS Sports and incredible technical innovation

Considering the success of the CBS Sports broadcast for the PGA Championship, prospects are looking good for professional golf. Given the added complications of coronavirus, the triumph of this event is incredibly impressive.

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The NBA is back in the game!

Since its return at the end of July, the NBA and ESPN have worked tirelessly to learn from the hiccups of their predecessors, address the unique challenges and opportunities posed by the bubble league format, and simply put on a great show night after night.

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MLB steps back up to the plate with remote production

While MLB has already demonstrated a profound readiness to innovate in the face of COVID-19, it’s likely that the league and the broadcasters who cover it will continue to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the moment.

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The LMT is making localization more effective than ever

Created in 2017 and officially launched in 2018, the LMT is a standardized and unified source of reference for media organizations looking to apply language-specific metadata to a given piece of content to enable localization.

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Will COVID-19 Change the Way We Work?

This report, the culmination a four-month collaboration to survey and analyze how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the media industry, presents the overall findings and sets them in the context of how the wider business community has responded to several months of enforced remote working.

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A watershed moment for the cloud under COVID-19

As the outbreak threw our industry into chaos, it became increasingly clear that organizations would have to take major steps to evolve their production and distribution models. Rigid strategies that once felt like sure things became untenable, and the growing importance of adaptability came crashing to the fore.

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Political conventions look to remote production to thrive under COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, political events such as nominating conventions are produced much in the same way as a major sporting event. This year, we will see smaller teams on-site and many working remotely to maintain safety.

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Signiant is 5G ready. Are you?

As major innovations like 5G promise to reshape the media landscape in ways both small and large, Signiant strives to provide tools that help businesses navigate each new curve as it appears.

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Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium plans suggest the full potential of 5G

As these innovators envisioned, Nou Camp would have a wide range of 360-degree cameras installed all throughout the stadium, capturing footage from nearly every possible vantage, including the team bench.

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What is iPerf?

iPerf is a command-line tool that allows IT personnel to check transfer speeds between a given source and destination, based on factors such as bandwidth. While iPerf is a third-party tool unassociated with Signiant, it is a tool we use regularly to help diagnose network conditions when deploying our software.

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