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postPerspective Interview with Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton at NAB (video) »

CTO Ian Hamilton was interviewed by postPerspective on Signiant’s product releases at NAB Show. Continue reading

NAB Highlights: Margaret Craig’s insight into procuring SaaS »

As we enter the last day of NAB tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s interesting to look back on the very first session of the show. This year’s IABM State of the Industry Breakfast, held at 8am on Monday morning, set the stage for the rest of the week with industry trends and predictions, many very positive, like that 60.8% of companies were in profit over the past 24 months. However, not all was congratulatory roses. Continue reading

100 Years of Moving Images: A first look at SMPTE’s documentary film »

Founded in 1916 and having developed over 800 standards and engineering guidelines, SMPTE is perhaps the ideal organization to create a documentary on the evolution of video technology over the past 100 years. They are currently in the early phases of shooting, mostly in the U.S., Canada and Europe, with months of sorting through historical footage, filming and editing ahead. “This documentary will shine the spotlight on the unsung heroes who are the inventors and perfecters of what is arguably the most important communication tool in the history of the industrial age,” said Producer Randall Dark. Continue reading

Must See NAB: Signiant, Google, Adobe and Box discuss cloud security at NAB Show »

Are you planning to implement new cloud storage or services this year? If you’re attending NAB, don’t miss an in-depth discussion on cloud security by experts from Google, Adobe, Box and our own CTO, Ian Hamilton. Find out how safe Media and Entertainment assets are in the cloud vs. traditional on-premise software and storage, and ask any questions you have about your own cloud strategy. Continue reading

4 Media Shuttle features, specially designed for the enterprise »

Enterprises need to manage file transfers at a larger scale than smaller companies, and we’ve been working to create special features in Media Shuttle to help them out. We’re happy to announce four new features that comprise Media Shuttle’s new enterprise package. Here are the basics. Continue reading