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From FTP to Couriers, the Ad Hoc Reality for Media Companies Today »

There are many options available for moving small files over the Internet. However, there are few solutions that can handle the massive files common in the media industry. Sharing these large assets requires a different set of capabilities to ensure speed, security, and control. Many media firms still rely on a mix of ad hock technologies, such as shipping hard drives and using non-secure or outdated file sharing services. Continue reading

What Devoncroft’s latest Big Broadcast Survey means for cloud storage strategies (blog and webinar) »

Devoncroft recently conducted their 2014 Big Broadcast Survey of more than 10,000 participants at more than 100 companies. It revealed that storage is far and away the most common use for the cloud. Learn more about the survey results and how media companies are currently and are planning to use the cloud in 2015. Continue reading

Zombies, Car Chases, and Far Flung Places: The big data files behind some of the most popular TV »

Stargate works on 20 to 25 different shows at a time. And while they have a studio in L.A., they’ve also settled in Atlanta, Canada, Germany, Dubai, and the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. Coinciding with advances in TV quality over the last few decades, Stargate Studios has grown globally and witnessed a 180° shift in the tide of their workflow. “It used to be that our business was about bringing the rest of the world to Hollywood,” says Darren Frankel, President of Stargate Studios. “Now, producers go all over the world themselves, wherever they can get tax credits or shoot inexpensively.” Continue reading

Why every media firm can (and should) use an enterprise-grade file transfer solution »

Traditionally, enterprise-grade large file transfer software was necessarily complex. In order to achieve efficient file movement, enterprises managed an expanse of IT infrastructure and the software designed to work with it. But it was worth it. For industries like Media & Entertainment — that make their living off very large media content files — sending data of any amount, anywhere within their network, with reliable security and central management, was and is a vital business function. However, it’s a different world for smaller businesses that can’t afford multiple data centers, even if… Continue reading

Coughlin Associates Report predicts grande future for M&E »

Peering into the future for five years, the new Coughlin Associates report on Digital Storage for Media & Entertainment includes survey data taken between 2009 and 2014 to make its projections. The report covers minute details about file size growth, storage capacities and revenue. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a subset of the Coughlin predictions written about in Forbes a few days ago that are most relevant to digital media file transfer. Continue reading