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IBC Takeaways: Cloud resistance is disappearing, SDN awareness is growing, and 8K is here »

The office has returned to its usual buzz at our headquarters in Burlington, MA now that everyone is back from Amsterdam and IBC2014. This year’s International Broadcasting Convention attracted over 55,000 people from around the world, all interested in the future of electronic media and entertainment technology. I had a chance to catch up with three of our jet lagged Signiant crew about the most interesting thing they encountered. Here’s what Margaret Craig, Rick Clarkson, and Nelson Hsu had to say about this year’s IBC. Continue reading

Will the “Software-Defined” trend improve the pace of innovation? »

The “Software-Defined” movement may represent a major innovation in the way we provision, manage, and automate IT infrastructure resources. IDC has even predicted that Software-Defined Networks (SDN) will grow to a $3.7 billion market by 2016. The idea of cleanly separating what’s done really well in hardware (like fast packet switching in the case of networking) from what’s better done in software (like routing updates and quality of service management) is at the heart of the movement. Continue reading

What is “cloud washed” software? Signiant’s new eBook »

Almost every B2B software company on the market today has its own version of the “cloud mantra,” explaining how the cloud is transforming business, how it’s creating new opportunities for global reach and collaboration, and how their software is cutting edge. But marketing is one thing, and the actual technology is another. Not all companies mean the same thing when they use the term “cloud.” Continue reading

Citizen journalism and the new technology of accountability »

Last year, Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis gave a moving TED talk on the rise of citizen journalism, explaining the power of people around the world recording their environment and telling their own story. Lewis’s talk seems all the more appropriate today with so much activism happening against a backdrop of civil unrest. “Citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world,” says Lewis. Through two powerful examples of murder and cover-up exposed via citizen journalism, Lewis explains both best practices and the transformative role citizen journalism is playing in 21st century news gathering. Continue reading

Make Everyone a Reporter: The rise of user-generated media content »

Media companies are well aware how mobile computing has changed the end user experience. Consumers are now comfortable capturing and sending all types of content on their mobile devices, and have even become vital news sources for on-the-ground reporting. Signiant recently released a free mobile app for Media Shuttle to help media firms benefit from the trend of mobile media capture. Continue reading