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Moving Fast with Media Shuttle Infographic: Looking Back on 3 Years »

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since we released Media Shuttle. It was – and is – a significant product innovation for Signiant as a whole new way for people to take advantage of our file acceleration technology. Not only is it our first SaaS solution, it was also the first SaaS solution on the market for quickly moving large content files. Check out this infographic summing up three years of Media Shuttle. Continue reading

You Wouldn’t Take a Plane Around the Block: Three times to use Flight for S3 and Azure transfers »

While Flight always provides additional security and management features to cloud storage subscriptions, it does not always improve performance compared to cloud vendor’s options for data ingest and download. Here are three times when it really does: Continue reading

Accelerating Scientific Discovery with Azure and Flight »

Signiant Flight is one of the first (if not the first) SaaS solution certified for Azure Marketplace Developer Services, and can move any size file or data set. Flight also brings additional permissioning and security not available with Azure alone. Combined with the Azure for Research project, Flight can enable the seemingly impossible movement of very largest scientific data sets to the cloud. And, once all that data is in the cloud, the real discovery of cloud enabled research begins. Continue reading

Signiant Flight at Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference »

With just two days until the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference begins, we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to network, talk with fellow Microsoft geeks and premier our latest product, Signiant Flight. Flight is one of the first (if not the first) SaaS offering certified for Azure Marketplace Developer Services. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2015 is underway and the costumes do impress »

Comic-Con is also where many of our customers will be this weekend; representatives from production and post production studios who helped create much of the film and television that ignited all that fandom identity in the first place, including our own. And we just wanted to give a shout out to them and the hard work they do to entertain and inspire massive of grown adults to don superhero costumes. Continue reading