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Citizen journalism and the new technology of accountability »

Last year, Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis gave a moving TED talk on the rise of citizen journalism, explaining the power of people around the world recording their environment and telling their own story. Lewis’s talk seems all the more appropriate today with so much activism happening against a backdrop of civil unrest. “Citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world,” says Lewis. Through two powerful examples of murder and cover-up exposed via citizen journalism, Lewis explains both best practices and the transformative role citizen journalism is playing in 21st century news gathering. Continue reading

Make Everyone a Reporter: The rise of user-generated media content »

Media companies are well aware how mobile computing has changed the end user experience. Consumers are now comfortable capturing and sending all types of content on their mobile devices, and have even become vital news sources for on-the-ground reporting. Signiant recently released a free mobile app for Media Shuttle to help media firms benefit from the trend of mobile media capture. Continue reading

Streamlining the massive video archive behind Nat Geo’s “The 90s: The Last Great Decade” »

Since I was born in 1992, I doubt I actually count as a member of Generation X (or, as the internet has begun to put it more casually,“90’s kids”), but there’s still a certain part of me that feels very connected to that last decade before the millennium. Whether I’m browsing online lists of the defining films or reminiscing about the few toys that I was actually old enough to appreciate, I can easily get swept up in the nostalgia. So I was fascinated by the prospect of National Geographic’s “The 90s: The Last Great Decade?” a three-part, six-hour documentary that aired in early July. Continue reading

A Taste of Stardom: Signiant Wins 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy! »

There is a new air about our corporate headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, a modest building nestled between the local shopping mall and a wooded bike path you can follow for 20 miles to Cambridge. Everyone seems more polished, and I swear I’ve seen more collared shirts and heels than usual. Perhaps we’re waiting for the paparazzi to swarm since hearing the news that Signiant won an Emmy for excellence in Technology and Engineering. Continue reading

Post-Production Product Placement: Extreme time pressure calls for extreme file movement »

Today, some of the most innovative TV advertisers are working with a technique known as post-production product placement, a more natural form of traditional product placement — something that once seemed like an improvement over commercials but has gotten rather ridiculous as of late. Post-production product placements are less disruptive because they are placed in TV shows after they’ve been created, allowing advertisers to carefully select a clip to implant a brand image like the billboard in this scene. They can even insert TV tickers appropriate to each market, allowing viewers to engage with a brand via social media. Continue reading