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Securing SaaS, Part 2: The human factor, user rights and cloud tiers in file transfer »

In Part 1, we discussed the hybrid SaaS architecture behind Media Shuttle including file storage, the cloud tier, TLS, and password policies. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s turn to the security behind the customer journey—from setup with the help of Signiant Customer Care to authorized transfers. Continue reading

Today is World TV Day! Besides entertainment, what good is television? »

When most of us think about television, what immediately comes to mind is the latest show we’re addicted to or perhaps how destructive too much of it can be on the developing brains of our youth. But TV has long played a role at the center of democratic, free speech and social movements across the globe, depending on the level of government control over the medium. Continue reading

Manager+Agents’ new workflow looping feature = easy iterations + visibility »

If you’re currently building complex workflows in Manager+Agents, your job just got easier with our latest release. M+A 11.2. has a new workflow looping feature that allows for automated iterations and greater visibility. Here’s how it works. Continue reading

Three ways the Baseball Hall of Fame explains tiered storage strategy using Amazon S3 and Glacier »

With the annual Amazon re:Invent conference upon us, I’ve noticed how much this physical experience, or any major museum experience for that matter, is similar to a digital tiered storage strategy. Tiered storage strategies help you govern and provide access to digital content or data sets quickly for Big Data analytics or perhaps nearline data for trending analysis with S3 and deeper archives like Glacier. Continue reading

Securing SaaS, Part 1: The architecture of secure design »

When you are in the midst of the tedious editorial process of a big project, the security of your files as they pass among the various players on your team isn’t something you want to think about. Signiant designed Media Shuttle as a file sharing solution that is especially conducive to the flow of media production and post-production with a technical backend as rigorous as your IT team. Continue reading