Teaming for SaaS: The new era of sports video production

Media Shuttle for high resolution video transfers, in time for evening highlights.

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of major sports leagues utilizing Media Shuttle – our SaaS large file transfer solution. Teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and the IRB (International Rugby Board) are using Shuttle to transfer game recordings to broadcasting stations and for internal transfers, such as footage for future documentaries, training videos, and files for scouting purposes.

Why is Media Shuttle uniquely positioned to serve the needs of sports leagues?

The seasonal nature of sports broadcasting

For most sports, the regular season is two to four months long. During this period they experience peak traffic, filming and transferring the day’s game footage for immediate broadcasting across the nation. Draft and pre-season are a little lighter since they’re relatively short, lasting a few days to a month. However, this doesn’t make them any less important to fans who are excited for the return of their favorite teams.

Since the needs for sports coverage is based on the season, SaaS large file transfer service is a huge value to the sudden spikes and dips in their data traffic. The robust automated features of SaaS allow Media Shuttle to respond to sudden changes in traffic without the need for on-premise overflow servers. This helps leagues save money by paying only for what they need.


SaaS is based on the cloud, relieving leagues from needing to make a huge upfront investment. Teams are allowed to try the software during peak season and renew their subscription each year without ever having to pay for any additional hardware or overly technical software that requires staff for maintenance and management.

Not only does SaaS save leagues money by freeing them from installing infrastructure, it will also save them money by only charging what they actually use. This pay-as-you-go model allows users to treat the software like a utility, where they only pay what for what they use.

File transfers in Ultra HD

Leagues equipped for modern broadcasting demand sturdy live Ultra HD video capturing because it offers theirs viewers an immersive visual experience – sweat, tears, charisma, super-human athleticism, all of the things that make sports so captivating.

Fortunately, Media Shuttle is designed to quickly transfer the enormous 4K file sizes with an easy-to-use interface. Media Shuttle is scalable to handle any file size at a quick and reliable speed, making the sports video producer’s job a lot easier.

“More viewers than they’ve ever had before.”

News outlets focused on technological innovations have interviewed several of our clients with an interest in the performance of Signiant’s file transfer software. CIO Magazine wrote a story about The Detroit Lions titled, NFL Lions Tackle Giant Video Uploads, where they interviewed Bryan Bender – director of broadcasting and production for the Lions. Bender credits Signiant with lifting the Lions’ product and brand to more viewers than they’ve ever had before, calling the software a huge value.

SaaS is about growth

Signiant has helped businesses from various industries with its efficiency-driven cloud-based SaaS solutions. Signiant software is exceptionally helpful to businesses interested in exponential growth, such as the Detroit Lions. Media Shuttle offers companies fully-automated scalability to meet the surging demands for more game footage across the country, giving more value to their brand.

Is your company looking for a fast and reliable large file transfer solution that will bring more attention to your brand?

We invite you to try Media Shuttle!

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