Accelerate & Automate Your Media Distribution Workflow with Jet

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There are no two ways about it, media distribution is time consuming and complicated and with today’s multi-platform environment and hi-res formats, it’s only getting more so. One hiccup downstream and you may miss your delivery deadline, potentially costing you revenue, reputation and stress.

Fit for purpose, Signiant Jet makes it easy to automate AND accelerate your media distribution workflow whether you are a content provider distributing to multiple cable networks and OTT platforms, a sports league getting content out to media rights licensees, or a broadcaster delivering content to playout centers.

Built on the Signiant Platform, Jet is a powerfully simple SaaS solution that enables you to securely automate media file distribution with ease.

Under the Hood

Jet shares the same DNA as our other products offering speed, reliability and enterprise-grade security. As with all Signiant products, Jet is completely storage independent making it easy to move content between any storage locations, on-prem or in the cloud. Jet offers simple yet powerful policies including hot folders, scheduled jobs and send-it-now operations and can be easily incorporated into more complex workflows with modern APIs. As a cloud-native SaaS solution, it is simple to deploy and operate and scales to meet the needs of any size business.

Example Media Distribution Applications with Jet 

DCP Distribution

A film distribution house can move DCPs to multiple cinemas automatically with enterprise-grade security, byte-for-byte accuracy and centralized visibility and control.

One to Many

A content provider can move files to multiple cable and network broadcasters and OTT platforms simultaneously around the world.

Fan out distribution 

Move finished assets to the cloud and then leverage the public cloud provider’s essentially “unlimited” bandwidth to simultaneously move those assets to hundreds of locations.

Jet’s Advantages


Jet leverages Signiant’s patented intelligent transport which uses machine learning to adapt to data sets and network conditions in real-time and is capable of multiple Gbps transfer speeds. It is the fastest service of its kind on the market.


Don’t put up with the drop-outs, delivery failures, and network interruptions of the FTP era anymore. Jet includes Checkpoint Restart which will automatically restart any interrupted transfer from the point of failure.   


Jet adheres to the information assurance principle of defense-in-depth, incorporating multiple layers of security controls. Signiant was awarded the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ helping make Signiant a preferred choice by the world’s top studios, broadcasters, sports leagues, gaming companies and more.


Jet includes a unique “cloud-handshake” mechanism making it easy and secure to set-up automated transfers between companies without having to share passwords or sensitive network information.


Your Jet dashboard will look the same to each provider or client, so everyone is constantly up to date and offers alerts when jobs complete or if something goes wrong.


You can also finely tune workloads to suit your task list, like limiting the bandwidth available for low-priority transfers so they don’t interfere with other network needs, precisely scheduling transfers for certain times or conditions and establishing and applying policies to deploy transfer constraints automatically.


Jet is packaged and priced for any size business and offers an easy cost-sharing model for partner content exchange.

Bringing it Together

Jet brings everything you can’t live without in asset transport (speed, flexibility and uncompromising security) together into a simple dashboard and gives you the confidence to set, forget and get on with your work.

To find out more about how you can optimize your media distribution workflows, schedule a quick conversation today.

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