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Introducing AWS S3 Support for Signiant Jet

Mar 04, 2021 By Christine Croskery

Signiant introduced Jet, our latest cloud-native SaaS solution, in 2019 to make it easy and accessible for any-size business to automate content exchange both within and between companies. Jet has been deployed for a wide variety of operations, including simple replication of data across internal locations, supporting follow-the-sun collaborations, as well as automating content distribution. Now, with more and more workflows moving to the cloud, we’re seeing a huge spike in demand for Jet with cloud object storage and are excited to announce support for AWS S3. With S3 support, it is easier than ever to move massive data sets to and from the cloud and work both within and between business entities.

Signiant remains committed to storage independence so that assets always remain in our customer’s control in their storage choice.

Jet administrators can now connect their AWS S3 storage to either a source or destination endpoint for automated content transfers. For customers already using Signiant Jet to exchange content between on-premises endpoints within a company or with partners, the workflow for creating a cloud endpoint and connecting S3 storage will feel familiar. The core resources for managing Jet remain consistent. Just as before, customers will access Jet in the Signiant Console to create endpoints, build routes that connect endpoints, create storage profiles, and add jobs to transfer content between storage profiles.

When setting up a cloud storage profile, Jet offers a choice of two authentication methods for access to Amazon AWS buckets. Using the Role ARN method, a user requesting access to specific Jet resources, such as S3 buckets or the objects stored within those buckets, can be assigned a role that limits how they access the resource. Alternatively, authentication can be established using an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. This method is similar to a username and password approach and is typically used by software applications to programmatically access AWS services.

Jet supports all Amazon AWS storage regions without requiring additional infrastructure. With cloud object storage, the server infrastructure is managed entirely by Signiant in a multi-tenant, auto-scaling fashion so customers can be up and running instantly.

To learn more about Jet, schedule a demo today!

To learn more about Jet, schedule a demo today!