Leverage machine learning to make file transfer faster, by making it smarter


At the 2019 NAB Show, Signiant introduced its new patent-pending intelligent transport architecture. The architecture replaces standard TCP with a proprietary UDP-based acceleration protocol or automatically deploys multiple TCP connections in parallel, depending on network conditions. The technology determines the fastest way to get data through the network utilizing a patent-pending mechanism that leverages machine learning to make decisions on the fly. The transport is capable of multiple Gbps transfer speeds for both site-to-site transfers as well as transfers to and from the cloud.

The new architecture is already deployed in two of our cloud-native SaaS products:

  • Flight which accelerates file transfers to and from the cloud
  • Jet for simple, fast, automated system-to-system file transfers

As networks evolve and increase in bandwidth, many incorrectly assume that acceleration technology is no longer required. Network bandwidth and network throughput are not the same, and this technology is able to provide even more value on higher bandwidth connections. Our new intelligent architecture supports all types of transfers including site-to-site, site-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud transfers of both files and streams with no constraints on file size or type.

Let your transfer solution adapt to your network in real time

In order to take full advantage of available bandwidth, the machine learning algorithm examines transfer history and optimally configures application and transport-level transfer parameters for both file-based and live media transfers. Not only does this ensure the best result without expensive and error-prone manual tuning and tooling, but results improve over time as the system learns. In addition to our patent-pending intelligent transport, the core UDP-acceleration protocol offers distinct advantages. Solutions using the transport will isolate different sources of congestion by looking at latency and packet loss, and also by constantly examining the rate of change in these observations. As such, it can differentiate between edge and core network congestion and react accordingly.

Acceleration remains foundational to Signiant even as we move beyond fast file transfer, adding new intelligence and enterprise-grade capabilities to our software products. Networks continue to evolve and Signiant is committed to ongoing innovation to make sure our technology remains ahead of the market under all conditions.

With the new intelligent transport, we feel better poised than ever to fulfill that promise.

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