Why your business needs intelligent large file acceleration technology

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There are many ways to move files over the Internet, especially if they are relatively small, from online file sharing solutions like Box and DropBox to open-source software and FTP. However, if a core part of your business involves transferring large files (multi-gig range and beyond) between people, systems or into and out of the cloud — which is common in the Media & Entertainment industry — then sophisticated file acceleration software is a technology that you need. For that, there are really only a few options.

If you’re evaluating file acceleration technologies, for the first time or because you’re considering switching vendors, we’ve put together an eGuide that compiles feedback from our customers in the Media & Entertainment space, highlighting the top 10 reasons why they chose Signiant.

From our simple product portfolio and transparent pricing model to our dedicated support team and intuitive user experience design, The Signiant Advantage brings together the real benefits our customers see.

Hear from technology leads at large global media companies such as Josh Derby, VP of Technology Development & Strategy for Discovery Communications and Matt Whiting, Head of Applications at the Guardian, as well as from smaller studios like Evan Schechtman, CTO at Radical Media and Andrew Turner of VFX Legion.

Signiant has solutions for media companies of every size and our greatest pride is our personal relationships with our customers. To learn more, download The Signiant Advantage, and be sure to share it with your colleagues and business partners.


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