Signiant at NAB 2024

There is no elephant in the room. We’ve all talked about it — more files, more complexity, and growing file sizes. Since 2019, content moving internationally is up 60%, the number of files transferred is up 111% and the average file size is up more than 67%. Are you prepared for where your files are moving next? 

If you’ve been following Signiant for a while, you may recall our first SaaS product, Media Shuttle, launched in 2012, making it easy for people to send and share large files fast.  

A few years ago, we added Jet to bring powerfully simple automation to the Signiant Platform. Customers can now manage any content flow operation, whether between people, across systems, with partners or to, from, and between cloud storage endpoints — all from a single platform.   

Last year, we highlighted Media Engine, our media management service that lets you search, preview, and interact with media assets across all your Signiant-connected storage.   

This year is about bringing it all together. We will be showcasing several advancements on the Signiant Platform that highlight how broadcasters, production houses, sports leagues and more are using the platform in new ways to create efficiencies.  

Stop by Booth W1931 to learn how Signiant is enabling content workflows globally with examples from live sports production, post-production, global distribution and more. Signiant adds value and simplicity to even the most sophisticated workflows. 

Beyond Speed, Reliability, and Security: Signiant Intangibles 

For live sports producers like Manchester City, World Rugby, and RUV Slovenia, post-production houses like Blazing Griffin, DigitalFilm Tree, and Cinema Maquina, and film distributors like Blue Ant Media, A24 Distribution, and Deluxe Media Entertainment, the Signiant Platform provides a host of crucial benefits beyond industry-leading file transfer speed, reliability, and security: 

  • Workflow Optimization: Streamline media workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize production processes. Reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency.  
  • Global & Remote Collaboration: Support distributed teams working across various locations. Spread out geographically, teams need to collaborate in real-time to cover events seamlessly. 
  • Scalability:  
    • Live Sports: Expand operations or handle increasingly complex productions, whether delivering to local affiliates or broadcasting to a worldwide audience. 
    • Post-Production: Accommodate growing needs to handle larger projects or expand operations, from small independent productions to blockbusters. 
    • Film Distribution: Provide flexibility and agility for distributors to handle films of all sizes. Scale to meet demand. 
  • Integration: Integrate seamlessly with other commonly used tools and systems such as content management systems, editing software, visual effects programs, digital asset management systems, and cloud storage platforms. Simplify workflows by leveraging existing infrastructure and tools.  
  • Global Reach: Transfer digital assets across diverse geographical locations, whether distributing films to theaters, streaming platforms, or international markets.  
  • Compliance and Reporting: Maintain compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements by providing features for tracking and reporting on file transfers. Ensure that distribution practices adhere to legal and contractual obligations, providing peace of mind for content creators and distributors. 

Signiant technology offers a comprehensive solution addressing the specific challenges faced by for live sports producers, post-production workflows, film distributors, and other media professionals in delivering high-quality content efficiently and securely. 

Come see us at NAB 2024, Booth W1931
Book a meeting with us and learn more about how the Signiant Platform can transform your media and entertainment workflows

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