Accelerate Live Sports Productions

When we think about sports production we generally think about the ‘live’ action. However, today’s sports broadcasts leverage an enormous volume of file-based content before, during and after the game. The Signiant Platform is used by the world’s top leagues, broadcasters and rights holders to enhance live sports productions.

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Before the Game

Prior to the live action, an enormous volume of content must be delivered to the production site including pre recorded interviews, highlights from previous matches and graphics packages.

During the Game

Distributed teams working on highlight clips have deadlines that are measured in seconds. Content must move to remote editors quickly and then back to the production site for broadcast playout, to the jumbotron and out to social media.

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After the Game

Immediately following the game, shutting the site down and getting all the footage off site and into archive quickly saves time and money. The faster the production can strike down, the more it can save on rentals and staff hours.

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Growing Files Support

Critical to many live-sports workflows is the ability to work with growing files at both the source and destination. The Signiant Platform supports the accelerated movement of growing files.

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Modern APIs

With live sports production, there are often many systems in play. Signiant offers modern APIs and has partner integrations with most widely adopted media technology systems.

  • Media Shuttle

    Media Shuttle

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  • Jet


    Powerfully simple unattended content exchange, within and between companies.

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