Super Bowl, Sports and Signiant

A closeup of a football on a football field during the Super Bowl LI.

Whether you’re a huge football fan or more into the half-time show, commercials, and wings (I fall into the second category), it’s safe to say you probably watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. As the most watched television event in the US, it’s no surprise that I’ve watched the Super Bowl every year since I can remember, regardless of whether or not my home team was playing. Of course that wasn’t usually an issue since my home team happens to have Tom Brady at quarterback. And now I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate the Patriots for their outstanding win against the Atlanta Falcons!!! I’ll admit I was a bit worried for a second there, but I think Tom (yes, we’re on a first name basis) just wanted to keep things interesting.

After such an exciting win I thought what better time to talk about the many major sports teams, leagues, and federations, as well as sports broadcasters and production companies, who rely on Signiant’s file transfer technology to help them entertain, inspire and amaze us, week in, week out?

It might surprise many people to know that Signiant has dozens of sports-related customers using our products to support a whole variety of critical workflows. Wherever there is a major sporting event there is a high probability that Signiant is there somewhere too, rapidly and reliably moving valuable video content to where it needs to be at that moment.

Some common workflows utilizing our products we find among our sports clients include:

  • Moving highlights back from remotes to central broadcast and production facilities during the game or event.
  • Pushing edited segments and highlights back to OB vans and venue broadcast operations for incorporation into the live production.
  • Transferring produced programming, highlights and promotions to multiple distribution platforms before, during and after events.
  • Transferring melts, entire camera isos and other event coverage to headquarters after the event is over for archiving and use in future productions or licensing.
  • Aggregating content from sponsors, production partners and other third-parties.
  • Supporting scouts and coaches by getting them the timely content they need from multiple locations.

Of course sports video production is all about innovation and finding new ways to engage with fans, so there are always new workflows and technologies being added that we look forward to supporting.

Check out our Customers to see just a few of the big name sports entities who we are proud to say we support. As we are always adding more stay tuned for more announcements and case studies from the wonderful world of sports!

And Go Patriots!

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