Why Signiant is the Trusted Partner of Media Companies 

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Media and entertainment organizations around the world choose the Signiant Platform for a variety of reasons, but it almost always centers around the ‘Big 3’ must haves — speed, reliability, and security. Consistently delivering these critical capabilities elevates the relationship with our customers into the domain of ‘trusted partner’ and often involves other intangible values.

Here’s what customers say:

Nathan Ross, Founder/CEO, Blackwater Digital: Signiant Media Shuttle was one of the first things I spent money on. I knew it was fast, reliable, and user-friendly. Media Shuttle met all our requirements for speed, storage flexibility, security, and reliability. The list of things we use Media Shuttle for goes on and on. 

Ariel Gordon, Founder/CEO, Cinema Máquina: I knew it was much faster than the competition, incredibly secure, and if an upload stalls, it can immediately restart. These were all things I really valued. Once you try Media Shuttle, you won’t go back to not using it. 

Luis Albritton, Fmr. Chief Engineer, Definition 6: We don’t know what the next crisis will be, therefore reliance on tech partners that are willing to change with the times and develop solutions as the needs of the industry change is invaluable. [Signiant] make our company nimble. I only see our deployment growing in scope. 

Nancy Jundi, COO/CFO, DigitalFilm Tree: Signiant’s in all of it. It’s in everything, like water. It is the backbone of our daily operations. Customers often compare Signiant to a Swiss Army knife — a tool with many uses. The more you use it, the more you realize what it can do for you.

Luis Albritton, Fmr. Chief Engineer, Definition 6: This is an everyday tool that I could not stress enough to my leadership. [I said,] “Without this, we’re not going to be able to do remote work.” That’s a professional opinion from 25 years of experience in this industry.  

Erin White, Director of Content Security, DigitalFilm Tree: Working with other vendors, other studios, and other companies, we’re seeing the shift and that a lot of other companies now are also using Signiant across the board for them too. We’re seeing that shift happen. 

Today’s Signiant is much more than just fast file transfers. The Signiant Platform’s integrated set of SaaS products makes media content flow easier and more efficient. Learn why more than 50,000 companies and a million users trust Signiant to move and interact with their valuable assets, anywhere. 

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