Signiant Jet vs. Resilio

Across the media & entertainment industry Signiant is well-known as the market leader in intelligent file transfer. The world’s top media brands including Disney, NFL, NBCU, Xbox, BBC and more rely on Signiant to move content across their supply chains and will often recommend Signiant to their partners for content deliveries. While Resilio is focused on syncing storage systems, the Signiant Platform supports Media Shuttle for person-initiating sending and sharing of files and Jet for automated transfers between locations, partners and to and from the cloud.


Key Capabilities

The Signiant Platform

Resilio Sync

Patented intelligent transport architecture that uses machine learning to adapt to network conditions in real-time and is capable of multi-Gbps transfer speeds

No file size limits and folders with thousands of files

Send, Share and Submit portals as well as automated transfer jobs

Search media assets across storage locations

Preview media files and associated metadata when files land in storage

Works with all storage types

Ability to work with growing files at the source and destination

Focus on the media and entertainment industry


Signiant vs. Resilio Pricing


Signiant’s subscription plans provide simple, no-surprises pricing. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and work with companies of all sizes to meet their business needs. When you connect Signiant to on-prem storage, you get unlimited transfers with no file-size limits. When using cloud storage, every subscription includes an ample allowance of cloud payload.


Resilio charges for both users and amount of storage connected, making costs very unpredictable. When dealing with large files and massive data stores, the costs can add up quickly and can catch you off guard.

Rock-solid Reliability

Signiant Jet

All Signiant software includes Checkpoint Restart which automatically resumes any interrupted transfer from the point of failure. Jet works with any-size file as well as folders with thousands or even millions of smaller files which are common in VFX workflows. With Signiant, all files are delivered unaltered with byte for byte accuracy.


Resilio customers complain about reliability issues when using their sync product.  A quick trip to the ResilioSync subreddit will highlight some of the customer challenges with reliability.

Beyond File Transfer

The Signiant Platform

Once on Signiant Jet, customers can easily access other platform capabilities whether it is leveraging Media Shuttle to set-up portals for various teams, projects and locations, or Media Engine to search, preview and interact with media assets across all their storage. While Jet is a best-of-breed product for automated transfers between systems, partners and the cloud, being on the Signiant Platform offers capabilities that extend beyond file transfer that help media companies work more efficiently.

Resilio Sync

Resilio, which was created by the founders of BitTorrent, is focused on synching files across storage systems. Resilio Sync is a product that can be a good replacement for the free rsync utility. If you’re working with media assets across complex supply chains with many storage locations, partners and people in the loop, you will want to take a look at the Signiant Platform which covers a broad range of use cases across the media and entertainment industry.

Why Signiant makes a better choice than Resilio for large file transfers

Signiant is focused on this industry and making working with media more efficient. Our simple, yet powerful product portfolio – built on an integrated SaaS platform – can solve any file transfer use case as well as solve challenges that extend beyond file movement. We continue to innovate and are passionate about this industry and our customers. Customers choose Signiant because of our market-leading products, unrivaled customer support, quick time-to-value and the lowest total cost of ownership. It’s no wonder more than 50,000 businesses trust the Signiant Platform to move their valuable content around the world.