It’s a Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud World

Intelligent File Transfer Matters Now More Than Ever

Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing among media companies, but most are not going all in. Rather, they are continuing to use on-premises storage and software alongside cloud investments, while exploring multiple cloud vendors. This new hybrid cloud/multi-cloud world has a lot of benefits but also creates challenges, particularly around storage.

Learn how Signiant’s storage independent large file transfer solutions create an important abstraction layer, allowing global access to content along with complete control over storage type, location and cost. This eBook is particularly useful for media companies that are:

  • Starting to explore cloud storage and services
  • Using a mix of on-premises and cloud storage
  • Concerned about cloud vendor lock-in

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“File transfer solutions that can quickly and securely move large files to or from any storage location puts storage under the control of it managers, freeing you to make the most intelligent choices for your company.”


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