Signiant vs. FileCatalyst

Signiant is the market leader in intelligent file transfer and has been for many years. As an independent company, our focus is on helping media companies make content flow more efficiently. FileCatalyst, on the other hand, is now part of Fortra, formerly Help Systems, which has acquired a variety of IT products that were not built on a unified platform. FileCatalyst is one of many products that are sold and supported by a team that doesn’t have deep knowledge of any one product.

Why the M&E Industry Chooses Signiant

If your business needs to move large, high-value assets with speed, reliability and security, go with the leader that more than 50,000 media and entertainment businesses trust every day. Go with Signiant.

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Priced for Any Size Business

Signiant Platform subscriptions are priced for companies of all sizes with a low TCO and flexible pricing model. We offer unlimited file transfers without file size limits using on-prem storage and a generous amount of cloud payload, using cloud storage of your choice. We offer unlimited file transfers without file size limits when using on-prem storage and a generous amount of cloud payload when using your choice of cloud storage. FileCatalyst uses a legacy pricing model that requires an upfront license fee and yearly maintenance fees for updates and customer support. Contact Sales about Signiant Pricing

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Top-tier Customer Support

The Signiant customer support team works closely with the engineering team in one central location, allowing for maximal communication between teams. Signiant customer support has consistently earned a Net Promoter Score above 90% every year it was measured, and this world-class support is included with every SaaS subscription. FileCatalyst is owned by Fortra, a company that has acquired various products that aren’t closely integrated. Their team supports a large range of dissimilar products, and the quality of customer support is inevitably diluted.

Why Signiant is the better choice over FileCatalyst for large file transfers

The Signiant Platform is proven, battle-tested and scales with your business. End users love the simplicity of Media Shuttle and IT, and operations teams enjoy the security and enterprise-grade features. Your partners and customers are already on the Signiant Platform. When working with large, high-value content, the choice is clear – it’s Signiant.

Learn More About the Signiant Platform

The Signiant Platform builds on the foundation of our world-class fast file movement apps and adds workflow-centric production services that make working with media even more efficient.

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A Comparison of Key Capabilities

The Signiant Platform


Proprietary transport technology that eliminates latency and packet loss, delivering speeds up to 100X faster than standard tools

No file-size limits

Rock-solid reliability with Checkpoint Restart

Unlimited Send, Share and Submit portals

Search media assets across storage locations

Preview media files

Real-time views of transfers in progress, historical transfers and detailed chain of custody information

Delegated administration

Pre-transfer delivery spec validation with CloudSpeX
Bandwidth management
Modern APIs and integrations with leading media tech products
TPN (Trusted Partner Network) Gold Shield Assessment 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Signiant Platform pricing differ from FileCatalyst pricing?

    Signiant offers no-surprise pricing on all our subscription plans. We make it easy for our customers to conduct business with us and we work with companies of every size. When you connect Signiant to on-prem storage, you get unlimited transfers with no file-size limits. When using cloud storage, every subscription includes a generous allowance of cloud payload.

    FileCatalyst sells licensed software using a legacy model where you pay an upfront license fee and then pay maintenance fees annually for product updates and support. You’re on your own to keep the software up and running and update the software with the latest security patches. TCO is much better with a SaaS product which is why Signiant is committed to that model.

  • How does Signiant customer support compare to FileCatalyst?

    The Signiant customer support team sits in the same location as our engineering team so there is a very tight working relationship with the people who build the software and the people who support it. Signiant customer support has earned a Net Promoter Score in the 90+% range in every year it has been measured. Our world-class customer support is included with every SaaS subscription.

    FileCatalyst is now owned by Fortra which has acquired a somewhat random mix of products that are not tightly integrated and are supported by a team that now must support a huge range of disparate products. Be careful with these roll-up approaches — support is rarely what it needs to be.

  • Who are Signiant customers?

    Signiant software is used throughout the B2B media supply chain — from the earliest stages of content creation, through facets of post production, and all the way to aggregation and distribution. With more than 50,000 global media and entertainment companies of all types and sizes, Signiant customers span every corner of the globe. To view some of our current customers, check out our Media Shuttle portal showcase.

  • What is Checkpoint Restart?

    With checkpoint restart, any file transmission interrupted by a computer or Internet connection failure will automatically pick up where it left off when the system is back online. By continually saving the state of a running transfer and setting markers at intervals, the checkpoint restart feature ensures that any interrupted transfer resumes quickly and reliably, without any data loss.

  • What types of storage does Signiant work with?

    With the Signiant Platform, you’ll maintain storage independence, meaning assets always remain 100% in your control. You have your choice of storage including on-premises object or file storage as well as cloud object storage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, or Wasabi. Learn more.