Exchange Content With Global Partners

Media supply chains have become far more complex with content moving between more and more business entities throughout its lifecycle. More than 50,000 businesses exchange content on the Signiant Platform.

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Automated and Manual Partner Exchange

The Signiant Platform supports both automated recurring content exchange with partners as well as person-initiated transfers with centralized visibility and control.

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Secure, Cloud Handshake

Setting up recurring transfer jobs between partners is easy and secure. No more sharing passwords or sensitive network information, set-up is all managed through the web console.

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Detailed Chain of Custody

Media companies require a highly dependable source of truth about where and when assets have been transferred. As content files move around, the Signiant Platform provides visibility into who has accessed which files and when.

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Cost Sharing

Signiant has a simple cost-sharing model with inter-company transfers so partners can determine who pays for content deliveries.

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Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud

Signiant is committed to storage independence. Our software will work with any storage type, on-prem or in the cloud. With many partners in play, this becomes even more critical as each business has the flexibility to choose and manage their own storage.

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