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TG4 Adopts Signiant Media Shuttle™ as its Standard for Ad Hoc File Transfer and Asset Validation

Media Shuttle’s Cloud-based Approach Makes Movement of Large Assets Between Partners Super-Fast and Easy


IBC SHOW, AMSTERDAM, HALL 14, Stand 125  (September 10, 2013)– Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment, today announced that Ireland’s Gaelic broadcaster TG4 has standardized on Media Shuttle for securely moving large files.  With its recent move to HD and an associated focus on implementing end-to-end file based workflows, TG4 decided it would not accept HD content deliveries on tape– making adoption of a robust file transfer solution a priority.  A thorough evaluation of file delivery products revealed Media Shuttle to be the fastest and most flexible approach for moving content between local post houses and production companies, with the added benefit of automating a key step in the broadcast workflow.

With a patent-pending architecture that handles file transfer logistics in the cloud, Media Shuttle has dramatically simplified media file movement and its adoption is sweeping across the supply chain. Based on Signiant’s core technology platform, Media Shuttle provides media enterprises with a super-simple user interface and transfer speeds up to 200 times faster than FTP. Media Shuttle offers the flexibility of customizable portals that can be branded and quickly configured in one of three modes – Send, Share or Submit – to support a wide variety of use cases.

Along with Media Shuttle, TG4 has deployed Signiant’s CloudSpeX application to ensure that files are compliant with the DPP standard, a uniform delivery specification used by U.K. broadcasters. By moving asset compliance out of the client and into the cloud, this system makes the spec easily available to TG4’s entire ecosystem and validates content prior to transfer. Because the system does not permit a non-compliant asset to transfer, TG4’s partners no longer consume valuable time and resources on unproductive file transfers – and the broadcaster gains efficiency by avoiding the need to identify bad files at the receiving end and track a new delivery. Available for use with either Media Shuttle or Signiant’s flagship Managers & Agents product line, CloudSpeX is another example of the company’s leadership position in innovative cloud-based solutions for media professionals.

“File transfers are the heart of just about every workflow in broadcasting, and the advantages of using Media Shuttle were so overwhelming that it was almost a no-brainer for our management team to embrace it as our ad hoc standard,” said Neil Keaveney, Director of Technology at TG4. “Media Shuttle portals are a dream to use and its transfer speed is impressive, but its asset validation capabilities really sold us on the solution. We have received and sent almost every kind of programming imaginable, in files as large as 50 GB, and continue to be impressed with the efficiency that Media Shuttle has helped us achieve.”

Embracing Media Shuttle allowed TG4 to gain far greater flexibility in automating workflows, by enabling its operation staff to create new portals in minutes, and add or subtract users easily via simple delegated administration features. In addition, the product’s ability to support fixed bandwidth allocation – in this case TG4 has allocated Media Shuttle a fixed band width of 50 Mbs per sec for content delivery – greatly helps TG4 achieve consistent throughput. Media Shuttle’s extremely intuitive user interface requires no client or employee training. A dashboard for monitoring content flow provides insight at all times into who, where and how content is being accessed.

For TG4’s production partners, Media Shuttle also made the file transfer experience far easier and more pleasing than entering cumbersome FTP commands or dealing with the cost and aggravation of shipments of HD drives or tape. Using Media Shuttle further connected TG4’s entire ecosystem to the extensive Signiant-enabled user community worldwide – permitting effortless ad hoc file sharing with anyone using Media Shuttle.


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