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Advanced capabilities for Enterprises

Media Shuttle has advanced capabilities for larger businesses with more sophisticated workflow requirements and user management needs, including single sign-on, API integration with other systems, CloudSpeX file validation, and metadata handling.

Key Features

Single Sign-On with SAML

Single Sign-on with SAML

Support user authentication with SAML 2.0 to handle a mix of internal and external users. Administrators can easily provision large user groups, allowing individual employees to securely log in with their corporate account credentials.

A screenshot of the security page of Media Shuttle.

API Integrations

API Integrations

Integrate Media Shuttle with other systems in your media technology stack. The System-to-Person Automation API makes it easy to incorporate Media Shuttle into automated content distribution and acquisition workflows.

A screenshot of code from the Media Shuttle API.



Ensure each file is in the correct format before a Signiant transfer is enabled. CloudSpeX extracts embedded metadata from the file and checks it against a cloud-based delivery specification, minimizing downstream operational workload and improving efficiency.

Screenshots showing how to use Media Shuttle Cloud Spex.

Metadata Handling

Metadata Handling

Improve processing efficiency and ensure necessary information is captured with fully customizable metadata forms. Define input fields that meet your unique environment — such as language and shooting location — or specify them dynamically per upload.

Screenshots showing Media Shuttle custom meta data.