Media Shuttle Enterprise

Advanced Capabilities for Enterprise Workflows

1. Metadata Handling

Metadata capture to improve processing efficiency

This feature allows end users to populate pre-defined fields with information describing the file they are about to send. The experience is fully customizable, offering system administrators the ability to define fields for any parameter – often things such as language or shooting location – to ensure that all of the necessary information is captured.


 Metadata Handling for Media Shuttle


2. CloudSpeX

CloudSpeX to ensure content is in the right format before it gets sent

The patent-pending technology in CloudSpeX matches file types and metadata against a cloud-based directory of published specifications. It ensures that digital assets comply with customer or industry-defined delivery format requirements before content is transferred. This saves time and leads to greater efficiency of network use.

3. Single sign-on with SAML

User authentication with SAML to handle a mix of internal and external users

Almost everyone who has Media Shuttle works with a mix of internal and external people, but large enterprises often want to corporate approved methods for authenticating users. This feature supports SAML 2.0 authentication, a secure way of authenticating users without their passwords being stored in the cloud.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows system administrators to engage a third-party Web identity provider to grant users access to multiple systems. Administrators can easily provision large user groups, and individual employees can simply log into Media Shuttle with their corporate account credentials.

SAML with Media Shuttle

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