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The easiest way for people to access and share any-size file, on any storage, anywhere, fast.

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Over 500,000 global users

“When you’re stepping into the next level, where people are hiring based on ability rather than location, something like Media Shuttle becomes vital for your business.”

– Andrew Wahlquist, Technologist at Local Hero Post

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Transferring petabytes of data every month

“Media Shuttle has allowed us to send that same 500 GB file in just a couple of hours. It saves us tons of time and helps us to properly communicate with our editors around the globe.”

– David Jancso, Film Editor at Post Office Films

Connecting over 25,000 businesses

“We needed everyone—including filmmakers, producers, studios, post production supervisors, visual effects artists, editors, and directors—to feel like they were in the same room, regardless of whether they’re in New York, London or Los Angeles.”

– Zak Tucker, Co-founder at Harbor Picture Company

Spanning 190 countries

“The problem we have with video is that it’s sourced all over the world, and of course video files are massive. We need to get them back to our base in London as soon as possible in order to put them through our publishing systems.”

– Matt Whiting, Head of Applications at Guardian News & Media

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