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Deluxe Conquers Film Distribution Deadlines Reliably and Securely with Signiant Media Manager

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In the last decade, post-production and distribution of films has become more complex, especially as releasing films simultaneously around the world has become standard practice. Just a few years ago, dubbing films into different languages for international release was a tape-based process that took months. However, as the demands of day and date release schedules changed, the industry was forced to adapt and move to a digital file-based system.

A film’s domestic version can change throughout the post-production process, typically very close to its release date, leaving little time to make the necessary changes to the international versions. With locations in countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy and India, Deluxe Digital Studios provides a broad range of entertainment industry services to major Hollywood Studios and other international clients, including digital distribution and digital asset management. To meet increasing industry demands, Deluxe chose to transition from hardware and satellite-based distribution technology to file-based technology from Signiant.

Deluxe chose to implement Signiant’s Media Manager software to manage, accelerate, automate and secure the distribution of its clients’ digital media assets. Signiant allows Deluxe to schedule and manage file transfers over its existing Internet connections, saving both time and money. What’s more is that Signiant’s security features protect these digital media assets and help to prevent the ever growing threat of piracy during the post-production and distribution process.

For example, films are often cut into pieces which are distributed separately in order to lower the risk that plotlines or key scenes will be intercepted by thieves. It is not unusual for a film to be cut into six reels that each have to be distributed to 20 territories, making for an intense, manual process. However, Signiant allows this process to be automated and allows Deluxe to monitor transmissions and validate each clip’s arrival at its intended location.

Working with Signiant has enabled Deluxe to stay ahead of the competition and offer its customers a secure and cost-effective means to distribute digital content.


  • Simultaneous release of films in multiple countries
  • Time-sensitive production deadlines
  • Last-minute changes require last-minute distribution
  • High-definition films create large digital media files that can be difficult to move quickly


  • Signiant’s Media Manager software accelerates and secures file transfer


  • Reduced the time and costs of post-production and distribution
  • Gained the ability to react quickly to last minute changes
  • Increased security, decreased risk of piracy
  • Created a more competitive and cost-effective offering for clients

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