The Latest Media Shuttle Innovations: 10 New Capabilities

Media Shuttle is quite simply the easiest and most reliable way to send any size file, anywhere, fast.

As a cloud-native SaaS solution, we’re able to innovate constantly with Media Shuttle and roll out new capabilities to our customers without any interruption of service. This eGuide provides an overview of ten areas where we’ve recently advanced the Media Shuttle platform including:

  1. Distribution Groups
  2. Embedded Portals
  3. System-to-Person Automation API
  4. Auto Delivery
  5. Management API
  6. App-less Transfers
  7. Share Portal Rename and Move
  8. Content Protection
  9. Enhanced Language Support
  10. Enhanced SAML Support

Damian Allan, VFX Supervisor and Pipeline Consultant at Pixerati, LLC

“I was impressed with the Media Shuttle ecosystem. It’s rare that I come across enterprise level software that has as much intuitive usability.”


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