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Flight’s Two Unique SaaS Elements

Flight Enables the Movement of Large Data Sets to and From Cloud Object Storage.

It was built using a unique, patented Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture that incorporates two distinct cloud-native SaaS elements.

The first SaaS component provides control functions, serving web interfaces and handling file transfer logistics and data collection. Flight derives this first set of benefits directly from the SaaS implementation of the Media Shuttle‘s control functions, which coordinates transfers, collects data, and eliminates the need to run web servers.

The second SaaS element is directly involved in the transfer of data. Accelerated upload/download requires cloud compute resources and software running in the public cloud platform of choice — and unlike competing offerings, Signiant provides these system components via an auto-scaling, load-balanced, multi-tenant SaaS. As a result, deployment is fast and easy. Simply install a software client, connect to your cloud storage tenancy, and start transferring data. Every part of the system is fully elastic, so large bursts of data are automatically accommodated.

These two cloud-native SaaS components (one for control functions, and one built into each cloud platform to handle data movement) are operated by Signiant as managed services on a 24/7/365 basis. As a result, the Flight offering removes the load of deploying and managing software, and offers the true cloud benefits of high availability, scalability, and global performance. In short, Flight is not just designed to solve a cloud problem — it is actually built in the cloud, utilizing all the power of cloud technology.

A Simple Utility that Integrates With Other IT Systems

In keeping with the foundational offerings of public cloud platforms, Flight is a simple utility intended for integration with other IT system components. Flight is sold as an annual subscription, with pricing based on payload that can be utilized at any time throughout the year, on either cloud platform, via an unlimited number of on- premises clients.

It is controlled via a Command Line Interface (CLI), and customers of Signiant’s flagship Manager+Agents solution can take advantage of pre-built Upload and Download workflow components. Third-party SaaS providers, or customers themselves, can leverage this architecture as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, using it as a component for building their own cloud applications.

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