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Secure Data Transfers for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Signiant Flight Enables Cloud-Backed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Today’s market provides all businesses, regardless of size, access to the same cloud-based disaster recovery, plans that were once only feasible for large corporations with high-volume infrastructures and big budgets.

In an article by Storage Magazine, Jacob Gsoedl explains that businesses with disaster recovery plans embedded into their cloud system can help relieve the amount of data stored in their data center space, leading to remarkable cost reductions. These savings encourage small businesses to take on enterprise-grade disaster recovery options.

However, Gosedl also details a number of security concerns for companies to consider before they adopt a cloud-disaster recovery plan, specifically concerning the exchange of data from cloud storage.

There are a growing number of businesses interested in using cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as the foundation for their disaster recovery plan.

Amazon Glacier is a popular cloud-based storage service amongst companies that are archiving critical business information. Some companies create and maintain their own in-house backup systems to be used if their primary data center fails. Others hire cloud vendors to act as their primary data center.

No matter the arrangement, large amounts of data need to transfer to-and-from the cloud as quickly and safely as possible. The best disaster recovery plans consistently have the most up-to-date data in the cloud, keeping the business unaffected by a disaster.

Another complication that appears after the cloud takes over is delays in the file command system. Commands that happened instantly would take several minutes as applications begin to lag from the sheer volume of transferring massive amounts of data.

Signiant Flight is a SaaS large file transfer solution with Enterprise grade security features for smooth file transportation to-and-from your cloud storage, compatible with files and operations from any industry. Flight is built with a user-friendly interface that works with your choice of cloud storage providers. Having the capability to move large files efficiently without weighing down critical systems is a necessity in every disaster recovery plan. Read more about how Signiant Flight works with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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