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AWS and Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services is a general reference to all of Amazon’s cloud services. One of the most popular and important AWS offerings is Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Amazon S3 is a user-friendly, cost-effective service that provides durable, secure, and scalable storage to developers and IT teams. Amazon S3’s simple web interface allows users to retrieve data from any location on the web – in any quantity – and can be used in conjunction with third-party repositories and gateways, as well as other Amazon tools. Amazon S3 is an effective object storage solution for many uses, including back up and archiving, content distribution, cloud applications, big data analytics, and disaster recovery.

Many businesses and organizations have considered Amazon S3 for large content storage, distribution and ingest – but uploading large files to S3 can be problematic unless your data center is located close to one of Amazon’s. Though Amazon provides a few options for transferring data digitally, when it comes to large files and data sets, latency is a serious issue.

Introducing Signiant Flight – a SaaS large file transfer solution, designed to quickly and efficiently upload any size file to or from cloud storage. Interested in learning more? Click the links, to discover how Flight works, or read more about your options for fast file transfer to Amazon S3.

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    | Press Releases

    Dan Marshall Joins Signiant to Lead Global Sales

    Signiant announced that Dan Marshall has been appointed to the newly created role of Chief Revenue Officer. Reporting directly to CEO Margaret Craig, Marshall is now responsible for driving all of the company’s global sales activities. He assumed the role on May 3, 2021.
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    | Blog

    Introducing AWS S3 Cloud Object Storage for Signiant Jet

    To back up our belief in storage choice and enhance a growing list of supported storage options, Signiant introduces AWS S3 cloud object storage for Jet.
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    | Blog

    FORECAST: Partly cloudy with a high chance of egress fees

    From James Hattin, Founder and Creative Director of VFX Legion: The cheap and painless entry to the cloud hides many of the downsides. While moving your data into a public cloud generally has no incremental cost, transferring it out is where you can get sticker shock from egress fees.
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    It’s a hybrid cloud/multi-cloud world!

    By utilizing a combination of cloud and on-premises storage, media enterprises are able to more closely monitor valuable data, and more easily access lifeblood content.
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    Signiant Flight Now Available with SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

    Signiant today announced the availability of Signiant Flight on AWS Marketplace, an online store that streamlines the purchase process for customers looking to easily find, buy and start using SaaS applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now upload large files quickly to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) using Signiant Flight — and take advantage of direct billing to their AWS account.
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    Re:Invent recap: Snowball vs. Flight for moving large amounts of content to Amazon S3

    Snowball definitely is a sound solution if you’re moving bulk data periodically, but beware of potential operational, performance and efficiency costs.
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    | Blog

    Storage Independence: Media Shuttle’s New Cloud Storage Integration

    With Amazon re;Invent happening today, it’s a timely moment to discuss Media Shuttle’s new cloud deployment option, which allows you to choose to store your files with several cloud vendors, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.
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    How to move big data into Amazon S3 using Signiant Flight

    In this SlideShare, Matt Yanchyshyn, AWS Solutions Architect and Nelson Hsu, Signiant VP of Business Development & Alliances explain why companies are moving large data volumes to cloud storage, and how to use Signiant Flight to easily accelerate content into and out of Amazon S3.
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    What Devoncroft’s latest Big Broadcast Survey means for cloud storage strategies (blog and webinar)

    Devoncroft recently conducted their 2014 Big Broadcast Survey of more than 10,000 participants at more than 100 companies. It revealed that storage is far and away the most common use for the cloud. Learn more about the survey results and how media companies are currently and are planning to use the cloud in 2015.
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    TV Technology | Announces 2014 NAB Best of Show Award Winners

    To be a leader in the cloud arena, you need to have a clear definition of what cloud technology means to you, and your approach to cloud computing. I call this the “Cloud Credo.” Mine is built on three key points: content should be free; SaaS is here to stay; and, “design for the cloud” is worth the effort. I’ll provide details on the first two ideas here — and stay tuned for more thoughts on design for the cloud in another post!