Storage Independence: Media Shuttle’s New Cloud Storage Integration

The words AWS re-invent.


Discover storage freedom and free up your on-premises servers with Media Shuttle’s new object storage backed deployment option.


With Amazon re:Invent happening today, it’s a timely moment to discuss Media Shuttle’s new cloud deployment option, which allows you to choose to store your files with several cloud vendors, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

When Signiant introduced Media Shuttle as the first SaaS solution for accelerated file transfer, many customers were uncomfortable using cloud storage for their most valuable digital assets. That perspective is changing rapidly, and people now want a cloud storage option too. We’ve responded by adding a cloud objects storage dimension to Media Shuttle.

Here’s how Media Shuttle works with object storage: Media Shuttle’s SaaS control layer will continue to provide control functions, but now the the data layer can also be in the cloud, where file transfer servers are hosted by Signiant and connected to the customer’s cloud object storage tenancy. Our multi-tenant, auto-scaling SaaS implementation frees the customer from the need to deploy cloud servers and software.


Object storage backed shuttle

Media Shuttle will always support companies that prefer to use their on-premises storage exclusively to transfer big files. And, with large deployments, you can always mix and match between both on-premises and any one or several clouds if you need the extra flexibility. Both cloud storage and on-premises portals can be established within a single Shuttle deployment.

However, if you choose to start off using cloud storage exclusively, deploying Media Shuttle becomes even easier than before.

With the cloud deployment option, you simply buy the service, attach your storage using your cloud storage credentials and start transferring large files anywhere you need to. You won’t have to worry about procuring servers or rack space — no on-premises infrastructure is required — and that is a big advantage. Here are a few more details on the major benefits of using Media Shuttle’s new cloud deployment option:

Minimal CapX

With cloud storage backed Media Shuttle, your up-front capital expenditure will be far less. The major benefit is that you only pay for the cloud storage that you actually use. One challenge companies often run into is over or under provisioning their on-premises storage. Either they bought too much and they are paying for unused capacity, or they bought too little and it fills up, leaving them in a freeze waiting for weeks on budget approval and new deployments for their datacenter.

The truth is, it’s very difficult to predict storage needs, and they often fluctuate. With cloud storage, you can use a full terabyte one month and only half the next. The new object storage deployment option for Media Shuttle enables a pay-as-you-go pricing with storage, just as it has always done with data and users.

Infrastructure Management 

If you choose to use cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about managing cloud servers either. Just like with Flight, Media Shuttle is a full SaaS solution; we manage your cloud storage wherever you need it in the world, including load balancing, redundancy and auto scaling. Also, upgrades are automatic, so you’ll have zero downtime.

Object or cloud storage backed Media Shuttle is Signiant’s latest SaaS innovation to encourage storage independence, something we feel is vitally important to business strategy. No matter where you live or what you and your clients prefer, Signiant wants to support you in your storage choices, with secure and easy integrations.

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