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    Security Risk, Efficiency, and Optimizing Production

    “Risk is in the eye of the beholder,” says Ryan Salazer, editor-in-chief at Broadcast Beat and the cohost of Broadcast Beat and Signiant’s most recent webinar discussing how security and efficiency interact. “Disney’s risk is perhaps different than a local advertising agency. And, not all risk is financial.”
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    Media Shuttle: fast, secure access to any storage type, anywhere

    Our unique hybrid approach allows for great flexibility so you can choose the storage that makes the most sense for each operation and you can mix and match as needed. Assets always remain 100% under your control.
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    When it comes to content production and distribution, what’s keeping you up at night?

    Do you worry about security in the wake of major media industry hacks? Do you wonder if the content you sent has arrived at its destination? Are you pondering how to tap into a global talent pool or collaborate with partners around the world?
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    Information Security Leader Signiant Expands Offerings for Content Protection

    Signiant has announced an enhanced security option for Media Shuttle, the person-centric variant of the company’s market-leading SaaS platform. The enhanced security option is powered by Fortium, an established provider of digital content protection solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. Both companies are trusted suppliers to the world’s largest media enterprises, providing essential solutions for Hollywood studios and top-tier broadcast and cable networks.
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    New Content Protection Option for Sending Files with Media Shuttle

    With the latest high-profile cyberattack within Media & Entertainment, this one on HBO, occurring just months after the much-reported hack of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, cybersecurity and the importance of safeguarding valuable media content is once again on everyone’s mind.
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    Roundabout Entertainment Chooses Signiant Media Exchange for Seamless, Secure File Transfers With Any-Sized Business Partner

    With MX, we can extend the technology to our smaller broadcasting clients and vendors without requiring them to purchase and install software on their end. All of our business partners can now seamlessly connect with our facility and with the same highly managed security as the agent-based Signiant system.”
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    Post Magazine | How Content Supply Chain Management will Shape Post

    The trends shaping the post operation of today and tomorrow are all about globalization, decentralization, and collaboration. Whereas most post functions such as editing, dubbing, and special effects were once tape-based and handled in-house by monolithic post companies, today’s digital workflows have enabled many functions to be outsourced to freelancers, mom-and-pop shops, and smaller specialty groups.
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    Premier Media Group Moves to File-based Delivery with Signiant

    “We receive a diverse amount of content from various sources across the globe so we had to think of the bigger picture, but with the Signiant solution we will be able to deploy peer-to-peer content networking within the FOX, Sky and the wider News family in addition to easily exchanging content with other key Signiant partners.”
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    DMC Adopts Signiant’s Media Distribution Management Software

    In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to cut costs while simultaneously improving our service is a terrific advantage. Signiant’s software covers all our requirements. It will eradicate our reliance on tapes and physical media for content delivery, greatly reduce transport costs and enable faster delivery of content.”
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    BBC News Selects Signiant to Accelerate Digital Media Distribution

    “In an increasingly competitive environment, news broadcasters need to receive breaking stories fast. It is imperative for BBC News to have a reliable content delivery system so that it can be first to receive the news from its reporters or ‘citizen journalists’, whether in one of its offices or in a remote geographical location, and then be able to share those stories across its global network.”