Hybrid SaaS

Cloud computing is an important innovation in business today, and refers to network-based services provided through virtual hardware but simulated on real machines. Cloud computing offers various service models including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), desktop as a service (DaaS), backend as a service (BaaS), IT as a service (ITaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

SaaS is a software delivery model where the software and associated data are hosted on the cloud. Users access SaaS using a web browser client. SaaS generally reduces IT support costs, allows for more immediate customization, promotes collaboration, and enables agile software development.

Although SaaS provides great benefits to everyday operations, there are some downsides. With SaaS applications, users don’t have as much control over the application or data. Additionally there are some security concerns with straight SaaS applications. Signiant offers a hybrid SaaS model to alleviate these concerns.

Hybrid SaaS combines SaaS solutions with an on-premise software application to provide the benefits of SaaS with more security and user control. The functional aspect of the software is presented through the cloud, hosted by the software provider. A user logs into the application from a web browser and accesses a cloud-hosted environment including the user interface, functionality, and mechanism that moves files. The users’ data, however, is stored in whatever environment they choose until it is encrypted and transferred over the Internet.

With hybrid SaaS, you can store data on an on-premise server that is managed by your organization or you can use the cloud. The user now has more control over where to keep the storage. Security concerns are eliminated without sacrificing the benefit of cloud software. Signiant’s hybrid SaaS in Media Shuttle is scalable, flexible, reliable and low cost so you can have easy access with top-notch security. Many companies including ESPN, Radical Media (New York) and Envy Post (United Kingdom) have started using Media Shuttle and are able to access the best of both the SaaS and security worlds with hybrid SaaS. Read the following articles to learn more about Signiant’s hybrid SaaS.

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