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    The Best FTP Alternative for Secure Enterprise File Transfers 

    Seeking a secure FTP alternative? Discover modern, encrypted fast file transfer protocols to protect your data from hackers. Explore Signiant’s advanced solutions today.
  • Essential security considerations: Get everyone on the same page and work together. Your first step, and best place to start. Educate yourselves, your clients, your coworkers and management on the risks and options. Recognize that every production is different and unique. Access, functionality and security are all important. Success requires all three, not just two. Recognize there is a technical side and a very big social side. Recognize that security protocols cannot hinder productivity. Put teams together that collaborate well. There will be a lot of learning on both sides. When choosing technology, first find a partner with a security-first mindset.
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    M&E File Security is a Team Sport

    If security measures become too much of a roadblock for people trying to get a production done, then your offense will find workarounds. Your game plan must find the sweet spot between ease of use and providing the security you require.
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    Signiant Renews DPP Committed to Security Certification

    Signiant is proud to announce the renewal of our Digital Production Partnership Committed to Security certifications for production and broadcasting.
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    FTP Replacement May Be Essential to Securing Content Supply Chains

    Efforts by major media enterprises and content security associations are seeking to replace FTP across the industry’s inherently interconnected global supply chain.
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    Even with zero-day exploits on the rise, software updates remain critical

    Two related zero-day vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows were recently discovered out in the wild, and may be part of a broader trend in cyber crimes. Here’s why software updates are still the best defense.
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    The Best FTP Alternative for Secure Enterprise File Transfers

    If you’re looking for an FTP alternative, you’re not alone or at least you shouldn’t be. Over the past year or so, major browsers including Chrome, Safari and (just yesterday) Firefox have begun blocking FTP subresources from loading inside HTTP and HTTPS pages or labeling FTP sites as insecure.
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    The Significance of DPP’s ‘Committed to Security’ Program

    For media companies, getting security right across their entire content supply chain seems like an impossible task. And it is, for any one company. DPP’s ‘Committed to Security’ Program is building a community of companies like Signiant that have demonstrated best cybersecurity practices.
  • Password Security and Simplicity
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    Isn’t it Time to Think of People First and Not Policies and Technology?

    Security and simplicity are often viewed as opposing forces. One widely held belief codified in the IS policies of most organizations is that for a system to be secure, people must use complex passwords that are changed frequently. But this doesn’t have to be “just the way it is”!
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    Signiant Receives ‘Committed to Security’ Mark from the Digital Production Partnership

    Signiant has received the ‘Committed to Security’ mark from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), demonstrating its ongoing commitment to best cybersecurity practices for both production and broadcast environments.
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    Information Security Leader Signiant Expands Offerings for Content Protection

    Signiant has announced an enhanced security option for Media Shuttle, the person-centric variant of the company’s market-leading SaaS platform. The enhanced security option is powered by Fortium, an established provider of digital content protection solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. Both companies are trusted suppliers to the world’s largest media enterprises, providing essential solutions for Hollywood studios and top-tier broadcast and cable networks.
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    How Safe Is Your Content?

    Yesterday’s big “meta hacking” story that WikiLeaks has apparently released thousands of documents describing C.I.A. software for hacking a variety of devices is a timely reminder of the importance of security in our hyperconnected world. In light of this, we want to draw attention to an article, “Secure Design in a Hyperconnected World”, that appeared in M&E Journal’s Fall 2015 Edition, discussing the core secure design principles that all software developers should adhere to.
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    The Art of the Hack debunks 20 information security myths

    Is our personal information more vulnerable than a year ago? 84 percent of Americans think so. In order to bring some light to the many information security myths that plague our paranoid nation, David Spark of Art of the Hack reached out to dozens of industry experts, including Signiant’s CTO Ian Hamilton.