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Digital technologies have enabled production companies to scale their projects around the world. With faster internet speeds, compact equipment and penetrative telecommunications, the opportunities are nearly boundless. However, when It comes to sending large video files, some companies still rely on archaic FTP/HTTP methods that take days at a time to send their assets.

Offering fast large video file transfers from anywhere around the world, Signiant’s Media Shuttle is the solution designed to eliminate latency with optimal bandw­idth utilization. Outdated FTP/HTTP methods use a small fraction of your total bandwidth, leading to an inefficient large video file transfer regardless of bandwidth allocated.

With Media Shuttle, clients can access Signiant’s Acceleration Technology from anywhere around the world through the cloud. Media Shuttle also secures the maximum file quality of your video assets. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you will only pay for what you use, giving you the most value for your investment.

When sending large video files over massive distances with FTP/HTTP methods, production teams need to sacrifice quality by compressing their raw photos and video footage. The quality of an asset is further compromised during a file transmission failure, leading to data loss and delays in production.

Media Shuttle can send large video files without compromising asset quality, and Checkpoint Restart technology prevents file transfer failures. Assets are backed from the last point of transmission, continuing where it left off after a connection or computer failure. Media Shuttle can also send large video files without compression or file cutting.

Large video file transfer solutions by Signiant are designed to optimize the output of your existing network infrastructures while retaining the full quality of your assets. As a leader in large video file transfer, Signiant’s Media Shuttle streamlines workflows to send large video files around the world. Read more about how Signiant is solving large video file transfer in numerous industries.

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