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Some companies only need to transfer small data documents daily, but there are certain industries that need to transfer big files. Raw video files from long shoots can easily be a terabyte. On dial-up modems, this would have taken years. We’ve come pretty far since the days of dial-up, but moving that big of a file still takes a stable, fast network and a smart file movement process.

If you need to transfer big files regularly, then Signiant’s Managers+Agents offer excellent management capabilities. You can manage and track content movement with guaranteed certified delivery and use file-based workflow modeling and administration to better orchestrate and automate time-consuming tasks. Managers+Agents are flexibile, powerful and reliable—perfect for transferring big files again and again.

Signiant’s newest product for big file transfer, Media Shuttle offers the easiest way to send your big files anywhere. You just drag and drop the file into a custom web page and click transfer. The interface is intuitive, and your big files transfer quickly. The best part of Media Shuttle is that there are no file size limits. You can transfer 10 Gigabyte files, 100 GigaByte files, and even TeraByte size files! Media Shuttle keeps you from worrying about compressing files, breaking them into smaller files, or loading them onto hard disks.

Signiant specifically focuses on extreme file sharing solutions. We want to move big files fast, effortlessly, and securely. We can help you create an advanced automated workflow and transfer big files anywhere at any time. Trust your content with the market leader in intelligent file movement software for media and entertainment. We optimize existing enterprise network infrastructure and provide secure digital media exchanges. Read more about how Signiant has helped companies transfer big files in the following articles.

NAB 2016: Everything From Video Over IP to VR. What does it all have in common?

What has become very clear to me this year is that the migration to the cloud is in full motion.

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Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

Signiant today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) platform to facilitate seamless asset transfer for content preparation in the cloud.

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Who Won Adobe’s Race to the Cloud? Racing Large file S3 uploads at Adobe Summit

Adobe’s Elliot Sedegah and Joshua Ramirez show a demo of Signiant acceleration technology at Adobe Summit 2016.

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Happy First Birthday to the DPP

The UK’s Digital Production Partnership (DPP) is celebrating its one year anniversary this month. And, as founding members of the partnership, we wanted to share in congratulating them on a year of success.

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Five technical challenges of producing in-house video for your company

Today, most large enterprises have developed teams that look and act a lot like a media production company, and they are facing some familiar technical challenges.

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Shooting Star Wars VII in the Abu Dhabi Desert: The local production team that made it happen

Abrams and crew needed a local and extensive production infrastructure, and twofour54 Film & TV Services was there to pick up the opportunity.

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Building Influential Brands: a Good Lesson from SXSW

Businesses focusing on building an influential brand need to include every touch point with their audience.

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Oscars 2016: Good luck to our customers!

While we are sorely disappointed at the lack of racial diversity among the nominees for individual awards, we are happy to congratulate our customers who worked on many of the films up for an Academy Award Oscar this year.

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Why Signiant is Attracting Great Talent Like Cory Bialowas

As a leader in developing SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions for media brands and other businesses that need to transfer big files, Signiant is attracting great talent. One of the newest members of “The Big Sig” team is Cory Bialowas, taking the helm as Signiant’s Senior Vice President of Product Management in Ottawa, Canada.

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File Transfer Horror Stories (SlideShare)

Many companies experience horrors trying to move large video files during production and distribution. From Frankenstein FTPs to Bandwidth Boogeymen, scroll through the many villains lurking in the dark corners of media file transfers.

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Transitioning to SaaS and Agile: Mike Nash looks back on Signiant’s move to cloud-based software development

Developing true SaaS requires a lot more investment in new functions within the organization, such as a devops (development operations) team that is responsible for monitoring ongoing health and change control, deployment rollbacks and more. It’s just a totally different way of looking at software.

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Producing Marketing Videos? Transfer big files like Emmy winners do

Professional video production always involves numerous video transfers, even those that aren’t bound for an Emmy nomination. Files need to move from set to studio and often between many post-production artists before final delivery. Businesses that are creating video for marketing purposes — while they might not garner the viewership — can at least use the same large file transfer software as Emmy winners.

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