The Signiant Platform supports working with growing files

Did You Know — the Signiant Platform supports working with growing files? This capability allows teams to interact with files even as they are being written to disk, making it an essential feature for many workflows, especially in live sports productions.

When working with growing files, the Signiant Platform excels in two key areas. First, it can begin copying the file from the source storage while it is still being created. Second, it enables teams to start working with the file at the destination while the copy is still in progress. This is particularly useful for remote editors who need to create highlight clips from various camera feeds almost immediately as the footage is being shot.

The ability to move content as it’s being created significantly reduces the time needed to shut down production trucks after events, saving both time and money. The Signiant Platform facilitates the accelerated movement of growing files over any IP network using advanced transport technology that maximizes available bandwidth. With Checkpoint Restart, interrupted transfers can automatically resume from the point of failure, ensuring seamless operations.

Complete control and visibility of all transfers are provided through the centralized Signiant web console, and current transfers can be monitored via Signiant APIs. As remote and hybrid productions become more common, the support for growing files is increasingly vital.

In media operations, particularly live sports, speed is crucial. Signiant’s rapid transfer speeds and capability to handle growing files at both the source and destination ensure our customers can deliver content faster and more efficiently.

Learn how the Signiant Platform can enhance your growing file workflows today.

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