Virtual fans may fill the stands as live sports return from COVID-19

As live sports begin to resume and leagues and production teams work to navigate hurdles both small and large, that innovative spirit is more valuable than ever. It’s helped keep players, administrators, and broadcasters safe so that leagues and their partners can help bring the game back to the fans.

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As the PGA Tour looks to resume, smaller events offer helpful guidelines

As other leagues have shown in the past few weeks, staying adaptable and alert as to conditions and challenges is the key to a stellar return to play. With the proper protocol and regulation, the PGA Tour could be yet another story of triumph — a real hole-in-one.

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NASCAR and Fox Sports show how sports broadcasting can get back on track

While better positioned than most sports for a return, the work that NASCAR and Fox have done to get back to racing is remarkable, and hopefully provides a roadmap for others who think this might be the moment for them to come back.

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Ways of Working: Views from a Crisis | A DPP/Signiant Report

As the world entered into remote working new questions emerged. How would our industry adjust? How are we feeling as events enfold over time? Where do we go from here? We set out to determine just that. Signiant is proud to work with the DPP to help tell this story as the industry navigates these historic and uncertain events.

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Bundesliga offers a roadmap for the relaunch of professional sports broadcasting

The future of professional sports is bound to be an interesting one, for leagues, broadcasters, and fans alike. Still, with the success of the Bundesliga relaunch, and the massive viewership for the return of South Korea’s K League the weekend prior, it’s clear that everyone is invested in seeing their favorite teams return.

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What does Quibi teach us about streaming under quarantine?

What comes next for Quibi is uncertain, but how the platform adapts to the next few months will go a long way to determining its place in the OTT world when this chaos abates.

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Healthcare innovations prove AR and VR aren’t just for entertainment

As healthcare workers strive to fight off the current pandemic and keep themselves safe at the same time, AR and VR offer a range of solutions to problems both basic and complex.

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Introducing Inter-company Content Exchange in Jet

As media supply chains and workflows become increasingly complex, and file sizes balloon with the introduction of new formats, resolutions, and effects, it’s essential that organizations have access to tools that allow them to effectively collaborate with their partners.

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The 2020 NFL Draft was a massive victory for live production under very unique conditions

Based on the all-time record viewership and the rapturous reactions from those who watched the NFL draft, the final product was a massive (and safe) success!

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Just Below the Surface

“On the outside, we appear calm, cool, and collected. But inside, there is volatility, constant emotional swings, and sudden shifts.”

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