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Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

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Integration with Microsoft Azure Media Services facilitates seamless asset transfer for content preparation in the cloud

LEXINGTON, Mass.– Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) platform. The automated workflow uses Signiant acceleration technology to transport content files quickly and securely from on-premises storage into Microsoft Azure, where AMS retrieves and processes the assets. The finished content is then returned to an on-premises location via Signiant.

The combined solution provides media companies with a seamless means of accessing Microsoft’s cloud transcoding capabilities from on-premises infrastructure, allowing them to easily take advantage of the elastic nature of such services. The transcoding workflow is controlled by the automation engine incorporated in Signiant’s flagship Manager+Agents (M+A) solution. M+A functionality has been extended to the cloud via integration with the company’s Flight offering – a fully-managed, auto-scaling SaaS solution that provides fast, reliable, secure movement of content to and from Azure blob storage. The high-speed transport backbone of most major media enterprises is already powered by M+A, so existing workflows can be extended to a public cloud platform such as Azure simply by adding Flight.

“Our customers are increasingly turning to the cloud for various media storage and processing tasks,” said Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant. “The Azure team is continuing to innovate on this front, and we’re confident that by combining the power of our technologies we can enable customers to quickly deploy robust cloud workflows that solve real problems.”

The Signiant workflow delivers media assets to Azure, along with an optional Premium or Standard transcoding profile. It monitors the transcode within AMS, reporting progress or error messages to the customer. The workflow can also be configured to delete processed assets from AMS once they have been successfully downloaded. The workflow combines both Signiant M+A and Azure’s scalability to allow multiple transcoding jobs to be handled concurrently.

“We’re pleased to work with Signiant to extend the AMS ecosystem,” said Sudheer Sirivara, General Manager, Azure Media & CDN, Microsoft Corp. “Fast, secure upload and download of high-value digital assets is a key element in cloud-based media workflows, and Signiant’s SaaS approach aligns well with customer needs for fast, easy deployment.”

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