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Moving Large Files Between People: One solution that covers it all

The media industry depends on powerful file sharing software with the speed, security and control needed to move massive files. Many media firms still use the usual variety of solutions, such as courier services delivering hard drive copies and non-secure or outdated file sharing software.

Some media firms still use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) because it supports the transfer of massive files. However, at over 40-years-old, this method is slow, unreliable, and lacks basic security functionality that requires additional script for proper use – from file management to security email notifications. FTP is very slow sending large files over any distance, and buying more bandwidth doesn’t help because of limitations built in FTP’s design. Adding to the performance issue, FTP becomes more cumbersome to scale with often-needed custom updates and add-ons.

Media firms need to have tools that adapt to the ever-increasing file sizes of video technology. With improvements in graphics, more detailed special effects, and larger resolution sizes, firms that are equipped to handle these file sizes can better compete to meet the sharp deadlines of large budget projects.

To compete in today’s global media production industry, media firms need user-friendly file transfer solutions that exceed acceleration, security and management expectations. Combining this functionality with the scalable pricing model of cloud-based software, it is now possible for companies of all sizes to implement an affordable solution.

Media Shuttle is the first SaaS Large File Transfer Solution

Signiant created Media Shuttle, the first SaaS (Software as a Service) large file transfer solution that is completely based in cloud software, to accelerate the movement of large files. Although other software that accelerates the movement of massive files does exist, Media Shuttle is a unique cloud-formed solution. Media Shuttle offers you:

An Easy to Use Design

When you’re consistently transferring massive files to multiple teams around the world, it is crucial that your software is easy-to-use. Most software requires long sessions of on-site training and consistent maintenance from IT departments. Media Shuttle is designed with user experience in mind so that absolute no training is required; even members who have a hard time with technology will understand it. Media Shuttle is also built with brandable file transfer portals, customizable to multiple languages for any workforce.

Patented Acceleration Technology

Signiant understands that one issue that firms have that need to move massive files is bandwidth latency. Our patented and patent pending acceleration technology is designed to maximize movement speeds across any internet protocol network, overcoming the latency issue. For example, Post Office Films, a recent client of ours, was working on a Hungarian-Swiss-German coproduction that experienced technical issues right before they were going to submit their film to The 2014 Cannes International Film Festival. They discovered that their massive movie file needed some corrections from a team that was displaced. Signiant introduced Media Shuttle to the project and their team was able to transfer the entire movie file multiple times across distant locations. Post Office Films editor David Jancso credits Signiant’s Media Shuttle for enabling them to make the last-minute changes that earned their movie, White God, a Cannes Award.

Enterprise-Grade Security Systems

Security is paramount to a media firm as they transfer high budget petabytes of content, daily. Today’s files need more than simple encryption security during their transfer. Software management tools are the new standard to provide insight on user activity and access, as well as movement, and storage. FTP and hard disk processes offer highly limited security features, often times lacking basic ones like Active Directory integration and segregated storage. To solve this problem, Media Shuttle offers enterprise-grade security protocols to encrypt files during transfer and at rest.

Centralized Management Features

Managing access to files during a project’s lifecycle is challenging when you have a constantly changing workflow of multiple specialist and partners. Maintaining a project’s efficiency involves controlling and monitoring the access and movement of its files. Media Shuttle comes with a central control mechanism that allows managers to monitor users and file movement, as well as bandwidth and data reports for IT departments to maintain the network. Central management systems lessen the likelihood of mistakes that lead to security breaches and corrupted or misplaced files. Your IT department can take full advantage of the unified dashboard, offering a full history of activity to your files.

A Powerful Solution at an Affordable Price

In the past, it was difficult for small-to-medium sized companies to purchase an enterprise-grade solution. The installation and maintenance of a complete file transfer solution was complicated and expensive, needing extensive up-front investment and on-site implementation teams that only firms with large enough budgets and multiple data centers could perform. However, Media Shuttle has set the standard as the first true cloud computing solution. Now any sized firm can have access through its pay-per-use pricing model to enterprise-grade file transfer software.

Media Shuttle is scalable to any sized operation. Whether it’s a special effects post-house specialist or a multi-national entertainment company, Signiant welcomes you to contact us to learn more about how Signiant software can help your business.

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